Sick of being sick

That just about sums it up. 

Going to the doctor with Sammy.

Fever, ear ache, headache, cough….

and a tired and crabby momma.



Beauty.  It is a big word.  Used for so many things, and defined in a multitude of ways.  Beauty is revered.  Especially in the United States.  It seems to be a specific kind of beauty.  A certain look.  For women, it means being flawless and skinny.  It means to have no wrinkles or pimples.  To show no signs of aging.  Being a beautiful woman seems to indicate your status.   

What does beauty mean to you?  

My definition of beauty, at times seems to echo the worlds view.  I can easily get caught up in the woe is me, I am not beautiful attitude. Or I find myself comparing my looks to others, often causing a sort of depression.  

Then I have many other definitions of beauty.  These set me straight.  They ground me.  They remind me of what is true.  What is noble.  And what is right.

My children.  The smiles on their faces and the music of their laughter.  Beautiful.  My husband and his unconditional love for me, his amazingly compassionate and Godly nature, and his heart. Amazingly beautiful. (side note, he is the MOST handsome man).


My sisters.  They are pure beauty to me.  


My friends.  Beautiful.

The ocean, the mountains….the rolling hills, the sunset…red cardinals, blue herons, golden retrievers….creation.  Beautiful.  Awesome.


Orphans.  The sweet children waiting all over this world for parents.  Hoping beyond hope to have a hand to hold, arms to comfort and a families love.  Innocent.  Sweet.  Desiring.  Beautiful beyond words.



As I sat in church on Wednesday night, this post came to my heart.  I was listening to a really amazing sermon about Titus.  But I was also hearing other noises around me. I became aware of a sweet woman with severe special needs.  I have met her before.  I have heard her before. She is there, every Wednesday night and every Sunday morning.  I know this because I hear her.

Usually, at church, the sounds we here are "beautiful" in earthly eyes.  The music.  The singing. The preaching.  Even the occasional sound of babies crying. 

What I heard on Wednesday was beautiful.  The sounds of an amazing woman without language.  Each small noise she made, reminded me of the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis, that we do not even recognize.  Or we marginalize it.  Or even ignore it because it truly doesn't fit into what the world deems as normal.

Watching this sweet woman and her parents, I witnessed beauty.  The true meaning of beauty.  Not perfection, not without blemish, but BEAUTIFUL beyond description.

I was faced with the challenge then.  To find beauty in the most un beautiful things and people in worldly eyes.  To find beauty by sharing in God's eyes.

Where will you find beauty today?  In the newsstands?  On TV?  In the eyes of your child?  How about on the face of the woman you see waiting for the bus every morning…in the eyes of the Target worker with Down Syndrome, in the smile of a child with an un-repaired cleft lip….

In the downtrodden, lonely, elderly….orphan?

Where will you find beauty?