If I were to….

Write a book.  What would I write?  

I enjoy writing so much.  I have my beginning sentence.  But I am not sure. Fiction?  Non- Fiction?  

Michael said to write a story loosely based on my upbringing.

Heh.  That may offend.  BUT, he said "I said LOOSELY".

Please help?? Lurkers??  Anyone??


13 thoughts on “If I were to….

  1. I’m dying for someone to write a sequel to The Shack. I’m also hoping that the plot involves Shaq O’Neil fighting Jesus in a run down house. Jesus totally beats him down, but also teaches him some valuable life lessons.
    Let me know if you need help with the illustrating,

  2. If there is one thing that I have learned from writing, and, for evidence of my knowledge of the subject, I submit that I have a continuing personal journal for my children of over six hundred pages, I compose blog posts, and I have been asked to author several things for the redesigned Poteet website, I have found that it is best to write about things with which you are familiar. From there you can narrow you options into a more manageable list and decide which you like best. I would be very interested in reading a book by you, and congratulations on adding another member to your family!

  3. You’ll need to secure yourself a kind and patient therapist first, if you choose to go with the mentioned upbringing topic. If you do, I have the perfect last sentence for you:
    Finally, the lawnmower started.

  4. I’d like to thank the following individuals, without whom this book would be incomplete:
    Lizzy By The Window
    Raggedy Ann Hands
    Jim the Scarecrow
    Stephen Who Wets His Pants
    The Mod Outfit
    Jack Ball in the Toilet
    Wet Socks in the Shower
    and especially
    Scrambled Eggs with Little Forks

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