1 Year


Torrance beach








(last March 16th…)



  I still cannot fathom it has been a year since we left California to come home to Oklahoma.  It seems sometimes like we JUST got here, and other times it feels like we have lived here forever. Thinking back on this past year is amazing to me.  We totally uprooted from everything and everyone we knew and moved on faith that we were headed in the direction that God was taking our family.  We stepped out.  We put our hand in His and walked.

We miss our family and friends.  With all our hearts.  

But, this is our home.  

It is a place that sings to my soul.  It touches my heart and tells me with every sight and sound that we are home.  Just this past weekend, someone was asking my kids if they missed California.  They all three said that they missed their family and friends, but they don't miss living there.  They said that the loved their schools.  That they have made the best friends and wouldn't want to move back.

That made this Momma's heart so happy.

Michael is adoring everything about his job.  That makes this wife's heart happy.

And me?  I am amazed at God's provision and his over abundant love for me.  He not only heard the cries of my heart from loneliness when we first moved….but the frustration over school choices….the desire for a church home, the desire for a small group to connect with….the warm, cozy, inviting home….the sweet sound of wind….the beauty of the lakes…. every prayer was answered.  And can I just say- many more that I didn't even know were a whisper of my heart….were answered in full.  

While it hasn't always been easy, or fun…it has been the absolutely right thing to do.  

One year.

Can't wait to see what the next brings.


3 thoughts on “1 Year

  1. You inspire me! I truly feel like I am meant to move. Somewhere new. To start anew.
    Your home is gorgeous! It looks very “homey”.
    Thanks for sharing! Maybe once our 3rd child comes home, we can talk more about “the move”.

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