This girls life (rambling)

With sick kids, life kinda takes on a different cadence. 

Sam is doing alright, still has a low grade fever.  I should be doing laundry, cleaning up, airing out, organizing…getting household stuff done.

I feel like such a lump right now.  Laundry is waiting.  Some of it in piles to be washed, some in baskets ready to be folded, now wrinkled.  I hate that.  I was them, dry them…don't mind that part.  Then it comes to folding.  UGH.  I am not sure why that irks me so much.

Corey Haim died.  Really?  Lost Boys?  Goonies?  Wow.

A friend of mine in the bloggy world lost her husband to cancer.  They had only been married a little over a year.  My heart has been so heavy for sweet Joannah.  She has been an amazing woman to know, and watch through this entire process.  Joannah, love you girl- and we are praying for you.

Our homestudy is done!  Waiting for the rough draft to check, and then onward and upward.

We had our first puppy training class with Maisy last night.  It went really well.  She is a fast learner.

Now if she could learn to pick up her own poop- THAT would be amazing.

And now, I will get off my butt….smooch Sammy- and give him juice, take Maisy on a walk, and finally, do laundry.

Though it may seem mundane, this girls life is sweet.



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