Hurry up and wait


I am such an impatient person.  

I confess that right here.  Right now.  

My heart is aching for my little one.  As I watched my kids at the dinner table last night, eating chicken, and salad and rice, joking with us….and I glanced over and saw that empty chair and my heart ached.  I wondered, what is she doing right now?  Sleeping?  Just waking up?  With that sweet sleepy smell and the bed head?  Does she have someone to cuddle her?  

I want to hear the sound of her little feet running down the hallway to our room in the morning.  Asking if she can get up- or climbing into bed for a snuggle.  I want to hear Katie and her sweet sister playing together.  

I am longing to see Jack read to her.  And Sammy make her laugh with abandon.  I want to watch Michael lift her high over his head while she squeals.  I want to listen to them praying together.  I want to give that sweet girl bubble baths, and hug away the bad dreams in the middle of the night. 

I am one of many momma's out there waiting for their little ones.  Be it in their belly, or in their heart.  I am feeling the distance right now.  My heart is praying.  My heart is aching.  

While she doesn't even realize it, her family is loving her.  And praying for her.  And longing for her to come home.

So, I wait.  Paperwork has no time.  People in government offices have no priority for whose paperwork gets processed first.  So I wait.  And Michael waits.  

Sweet one, we are here.  We love you already.  We are praying.  And we will wait forever if we have to.  



If I were to….

Write a book.  What would I write?  

I enjoy writing so much.  I have my beginning sentence.  But I am not sure. Fiction?  Non- Fiction?  

Michael said to write a story loosely based on my upbringing.

Heh.  That may offend.  BUT, he said "I said LOOSELY".

Please help?? Lurkers??  Anyone??

A year in Oklahoma. And what have I learned?

  • Never do your hair.  It will be ruined by wind.
  • Grow your hair long so you can put it in a ponytail.
  • or buy lots of cute hats.
  • Check yourself for ticks when you come back from outside.
  • You may find them in odd places.
  • I'm just sayin.
  • Red dirt stains.
  • Snakes like to live in hay meadows.
  • So do mice.
  • mice also like old cardboard boxes.
  • that might be in a garage.
  • a tornado shelter is a good thing.
  • it can also be used as a club house.
  • or a timeout spot.
  • or a hiding spot for mom.
  • the wind truly does come sweeping down the plain.
  • it has a big broom.
  • (get it??)
  • when the sun comes out in March, one tends to go outside and sing "Oh What a beautiful Morning" at the top of her lungs.
  • Your neighbors look at you a little funny when one is outside singing at 7 am.
  • at 7:15 am, cry your eyes out because the sun is gone.
  • fried okra is the bomb.
  • so is queso.
  • although I try not to eat too much of either these days.
  • Pop's has great ice.
  • So does Sonic.
  • So does Irma's.
  • So did the million ice and snow storms we had this year.
  • There is nothing like sledding on Christmas day, or wearing pajamas under your coat to do so.
  • Geo Thermal heating and air has saved us millions.
  • Therefore we can afford more fried okra and queso.
  • But I am REALLY not eating too much of those.
  • Jimmy's Egg serves more then one egg.
  • I am a snob.  I don't like Wal-Mart and will avoid it at all costs.
  • Braum's has amazing milk.
  • Orange Tree- Now Peach Wave (they had to change names…to me it will forever live as Orange Tree) has the BEST frozen yogurt ever.
  • Contrary to popular belief, there is amazing sushi to be had in Oklahoma City.
  • Theater is not only great here, but close, and much more affordable.
  • Soccer is crazy cut throat.
  • I don't feel like I fit in with the soccer parent crowd.  But Jack loves it so I go!
  • They practice even when it is 30 degrees below zero. 
  • if it is dry.
  • if it drops one drop of rain, forget it.
  • armadillos are not fast.
  • hawks are huge and tend to fly in front of one's car.  
  • and maybe get smushed.
  • and cause 3 children and a mom to cry.
  • I still feel guilty.
  • Poor Hawk.  
  • Red-rum
  • sorry.
  • geese are mean
  • and their poop is green
  • and Maisy likes to eat it.
  • People in Oklahoma are amazingly hospitable.
  • and genuine.
  • and they will welcome you into their homes like you are family.
  • people pray at dinner in public
  • people pray for you in public
  • you cannot buy liquor at the grocery store.
  • just sayin.
  • and if you try and bring your kids into a liquor store….WATCH OUT.
  • it is illegal.
  • not that I EVER tried to do that.
  • my love for the longhorn bull ranch has not lessened.  
  • in fact I think each day it deepens.
  • Super Target rocks my world.
  • Sometimes on a daily basis.
  • the light on the hay meadow distracts me from daily life
  • and causes me to pause
  • and thank God that He brought us here.
  • And thank him for my sweet family.
  • and queso.

1 Year


Torrance beach








(last March 16th…)



  I still cannot fathom it has been a year since we left California to come home to Oklahoma.  It seems sometimes like we JUST got here, and other times it feels like we have lived here forever. Thinking back on this past year is amazing to me.  We totally uprooted from everything and everyone we knew and moved on faith that we were headed in the direction that God was taking our family.  We stepped out.  We put our hand in His and walked.

We miss our family and friends.  With all our hearts.  

But, this is our home.  

It is a place that sings to my soul.  It touches my heart and tells me with every sight and sound that we are home.  Just this past weekend, someone was asking my kids if they missed California.  They all three said that they missed their family and friends, but they don't miss living there.  They said that the loved their schools.  That they have made the best friends and wouldn't want to move back.

That made this Momma's heart so happy.

Michael is adoring everything about his job.  That makes this wife's heart happy.

And me?  I am amazed at God's provision and his over abundant love for me.  He not only heard the cries of my heart from loneliness when we first moved….but the frustration over school choices….the desire for a church home, the desire for a small group to connect with….the warm, cozy, inviting home….the sweet sound of wind….the beauty of the lakes…. every prayer was answered.  And can I just say- many more that I didn't even know were a whisper of my heart….were answered in full.  

While it hasn't always been easy, or fun…it has been the absolutely right thing to do.  

One year.

Can't wait to see what the next brings.

This girls life (rambling)

With sick kids, life kinda takes on a different cadence. 

Sam is doing alright, still has a low grade fever.  I should be doing laundry, cleaning up, airing out, organizing…getting household stuff done.

I feel like such a lump right now.  Laundry is waiting.  Some of it in piles to be washed, some in baskets ready to be folded, now wrinkled.  I hate that.  I was them, dry them…don't mind that part.  Then it comes to folding.  UGH.  I am not sure why that irks me so much.

Corey Haim died.  Really?  Lost Boys?  Goonies?  Wow.

A friend of mine in the bloggy world lost her husband to cancer.  They had only been married a little over a year.  My heart has been so heavy for sweet Joannah.  She has been an amazing woman to know, and watch through this entire process.  Joannah, love you girl- and we are praying for you.

Our homestudy is done!  Waiting for the rough draft to check, and then onward and upward.

We had our first puppy training class with Maisy last night.  It went really well.  She is a fast learner.

Now if she could learn to pick up her own poop- THAT would be amazing.

And now, I will get off my butt….smooch Sammy- and give him juice, take Maisy on a walk, and finally, do laundry.

Though it may seem mundane, this girls life is sweet.