Walks with Miss Maisy

I have been taking daily walks with Maisy since we brought her home.  It started with just short walks up the street.  And she does well on the leash.  So as she has gotten older, I go farther.  I found this 1 1/2 to 2 mile walk through our neighborhood and into the surrounding roads and around a lake. Quiet.  Beautiful.  Peaceful.  She and I have been going once a day, in the mornings.  Today, was such a glorious day, we took the walk twice.

When we get to the path by the lake, I let her off the leash- and she is awesome.  She loves to chase geese, drink from the lake and chase blowing leaves.  She also loves sticks.  She runs ahead, but always looks back at me, and waits till my slow bones catch up to her quick puppy run.  Perhaps I will be able to run with her in a week or so.  

I love the quiet on my walks.  I always needed noise when I walked in LA.  Always wore my ipod or wanted someone to chat with.  Not to mention the cars made tons of noise.  Out here, I am finding that I am SO enjoying the quiet of nature.  The sounds of the geese. The herons.  The cardinals.  They are really beautiful.  I don't walk early enough to see deer.  But once it gets a little warmer in the early mornings, perhaps I will.

So, here are a couple of photos of Maisy on our morning walk. 

These were in the hay meadow on the way home….

Maisy Meadow


2 thoughts on “Walks with Miss Maisy

  1. Such a cute puppy! We live in the country now, and previously, near a busy road. It took a while to fall asleep to silence! But we love it now and would find it very hard to be back in a noisy area. And just tonight…5 deer in our backyard!

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