Things that make you go….hmmmm….


  • I love vintage homemaking drawings and photos.
  • I detest dry hands. Lotion is a must.
  • I also hate dry feet.  Ew.
  • I wish I could desire to eat healthy.  I desire bread.  And butter.
  • I love my morning walk around the lake with Maisy.  I love that she chases the geese.  And then hides between my feet when they honk at her.
  • I hate that Maisy eats her poop.
  • This disturbs me.
  • I never let Maisy lick my face.  
  • obviously.
  • I tend to get obsessive about things.
  • I had a dream that I drank a diet coke, and was so upset that I actually cried in my sleep.
  • I NEVER thought I could give up Diet Coke.
  • But I did.
  • And it still stuns me.
  • Why can't I give up bread like that?
  • I am not a fan of pet birds.
  • Our neighbor in Santa Monica had a white Cockatiel. He would talk to her, and kiss her.
  • I thought he was a little strange.
  • Not only because of the bird.
  • He also painted his bathtub.
  • We lived behind a mortuary.
  • I used to watch them make "deliveries".
  • It freaked me out a little.
  • But I HAD to watch.
  • I am scared of big black dogs.
  • One jumped up on me when I was little at the beach.
  • While I know not all big black dogs will scare me like that, I still get a little spooked.
  • I can't sew.
  • I tried it once.  Some friends made me.
  • I smiled and laughed.
  • I hated it.
  • And I was really bad at it. 
  • They all made a fuss about how great I did.
  • Yeah, not so much.
  • But I love fabric.
  • I will be 40 in July.
  • I am unsure how I feel about that.
  • I am by no means upset, kinda bemused.
  • My kids told me that I will be old.
  • Sheesh.
  • I miss Disneyland.
  • Especially Space Mountain.
  • And frozen bananas.
  • And The Jungle Cruise.
  • And the kettle corn they sell in Downtown Disney.
  • I love Target.
  • I could go there everyday.
  • Sometimes I do.
  • I don't like Wal Mart.
  • It makes me really crabby.
  • And people are mean and mad there.
  • Really.
  • I miss singing on a worship team.
  • I miss my OCF Worship Team.
  • I want to join the HHBC Worship Team
  • I am scared to.
  • But I want to.
  • Maybe I will.
  • Maybe.
  • And now I will end this silly list.
  • Wait
  • I like the bullet thingy's on the side
  • Maybe I will keep this list going forever.
  • Just for the bullet things.
  • Or, Maybe not.
  • Goodbye.
  • Forever.
  • Or at least till tomorrow.
  • Or forever. 

3 thoughts on “Things that make you go….hmmmm….

  1. *Life begins at 40!!!!
    *I have loved, loved, loved my life since turning 40!!!!!
    *I jumped, fully-clothed off a 15 foot cliff into a cenote after turning 40!!!!
    *I have peace in my life – not all the time, but often – since turning 40!!!
    *I am not afraid to make decisions – after all, I’ve had 40 years of practice now – since turning 40!!!
    *I don’t waste time – well, maybe some on FB 🙂 – since turning 40!!!!!
    LIVE< LOVE< LAUGH!!!! Enjoy turning 40 – in July 🙂

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