Wild Olive Tees Giveaway

So, I love Wild Olive Tees.  I LOVE them. I have the Beloved shirt, and no matter where I go I get compliments on it.  Plus, the women that run this sweet company are adoptive Mommas- with such beautiful families.  They have a new T-shirt…and a giveaway!!!


So run, don't walk….or uh…finger walk….over to Wild Olive Tees….and enter!!
And you will be entered to win a shirt that will benefit Haiti. 100 % of the profits of the sales of this shirt will go to Haiti. Not many organizations can promise that, but Wild Olive Tees is promising just that….
and when you see faces like these…
Little Elijah with his Momma and Daddy…
Sweet Lovely, on an airplane-RIGHT NOW- to her parents….
You know that Haiti needs all the help it can get.
So go!! Enter!!! OR Buy a shirt. Or 5 shirts!!!
: )

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