At Home

What are your homemaking habits?  If you have any?   

I have fallen behind in my good homemaking habits.  A new puppy, adoption paperwork and snow will do that to a girl.  So yesterday, with big old fat snowflakes falling, I got a little caught up.  I finished laundry, baked some whole wheat honey oatmeal bread, and cleaned Sammy's closet. That, my friends, was no small feat.

So I was thinking, what are my habits as a homemaker, and what might I think about changing.

I am obsessive about some things and then let others go.  Like clean sheets.  I obsess about clean sheets.  Sometimes I change them twice a week because I LOVE clean sheet day.  And I think my kids love it too.  Maybe they don't notice….but I remember getting into bed when I was little on clean sheet day and just loving it.

I am also obsessive about the beds being made every day.  That is one thing that I feel like it sets my day off right if my bed is made right away.  I am the same way with the kids- they know that before breakfast, the need to get their beds made. 

My kitchen I get totally obsessive about.  I cannot stand to have dishes in the sink. Nor can I deal with a dirty sink.  So I clean it, often.  Probably more often then it needs.  The bathrooms are that way too.  Sheesh.  I may have a little cleaning issue.

There are things that I tend to let go a little.  Like dust.  Thankfully I don't have lots of knick knacks- so the dust doesn't settle on "things".  But my floors get dusty. And dust bunnies of dog hair tend to back into corners.  That drives me insane.  But, I kinda look at them, and say "well, I will get to that later".  And then I walk by them 2 days later and it makes me all crabby.  Crabby enough to drag my vacuum cleaner out and get rid of the hair.  But if I never had to do that again, it would be OK with me.

The thing that I cannot stand are the piles.  Piles of papers.  Not that I am blaming anyone (ahem)….but my sweet, wonderful husband is a pile freak.  At one time I had a specific rubbermaid that I would put all his papers in.  But there they sit.  Ah well.

I tend to have a perfectionist attitude towards cleaning.  I grew up in a home where it was so clean you could eat off the garage floor with nary a care. (still is that way- hi Mom and Dad!!)…and while it was lovely, it was hard to relax.  I don't want to go there.  Yet I so easily could. So to find the balance.  

What are your number one house cleaning issues?  What do you HAVE to get done?  And, what can you let slide??

4 thoughts on “At Home

  1. I MUST have the beds made every day (kids do their own). I CAN NOT walk on crumbs in the kitchen. It’s not so bad in the months that I wear socks and slippers, but in the barefoot summer months…I do NOT want to walk on crumbs! I want books on the shelf, toys in the basement, clothes in the closet and drawers, and the laundry basket not overflowing. I’m very typeA about a tidy home. Now, what can I let go? Um….the inside of my oven and fridge are not a priority. Under the furniture…I can’t see it so it’s not a priority. Hmmm…I think I have to get back to my laundry!!

  2. Absolutely, positively cannot stand to clean the toilets!!!! It’s a childhood hang-up. Thankfully, my dear husband doesn’t mind toilets and graciously cleans them for me. I am, however, fanatical about clean sheets (you are not the only one Jenny – every four days!!!) and dusting. I can’t stand dust! Pregnant and on bedrest for six months I watched a cobweb form up high at the ceiling. OOOOOOHHHHH made me crazy!!!!

  3. My fetish is the inside of the refrigerator. I hate to see old food and dirty shelves where the food sat. Yuk. I am constantly throwing food out. Makes me gag. Im quite sure I throw things out waaaay before they need to, but Im really weird about leftovers.
    And I agree… I hate piles. Piles of junk mail.

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