It is snowing.  I am talking big honkin' snowflakes. Coming down.

It is so still.  I love that about snow.  The quiet of it.  I feel such a calm when I step outside the door, and the stillness is so tangible.  When I am in that moment, it causes my heart to still.  My mind becomes quiet.  I am able to just be.  There are not many moments in my life that are like that, besides when I actually tell myself to be still and quiet.  So I love these moments, when the actual hand of God uses the beauty of the snow to still my heart and my soul. 

I need to carry that quietness throughout my day.  

Now how to do that with a puppy.  And laundry.

Back outside. 



3 thoughts on “Still

  1. I love it…that stillness seeps into every crack in my being when it snows. Soak it up for me, it is just soggy here in Washington! Maybe dunk the puppy and laundry in the snow???? Still puppy, laundry hidden until the snow melts????

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