Knee Deep

Whew.  I kinda had that pregnancy amnesia when it came to the paperwork. Yet, this time it seems to be going a little more quickly.  : )  The thought hit me the other day in church- and I turned to Michael and said- "you know what?  Our child is probably already born…." and he smiled at me.  It is amazing to think that somewhere in China, is our daughter, or son.  What is she doing right now?  Is she warm enough?  What does her belly laugh sound like.  Does she love music?  Is she scared of the dark?   

All these things now running through my head.  
That is why I am knee deep in paperwork.  And I cannot get it done quickly enough!!

Hang on little one.  Momma and Daddy are working as hard as we can to get to you!

4 thoughts on “Knee Deep

  1. The paperwork can be overwhelming and daunting at times… but your waiting child is worth every single page you have to fill out!! Just take one day at a time. Don’t you just love the thought that he/she is possibly born already…destined to be your child, picked by our Father himself!?! God is GOOD!! Prayin’ for ya! <

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