The Great Giveaway *** a little change

Ok all my bloggy friends.

Our New Year has begun!  And with a bang.  And a new puppy, named Maisy.  Who has earned the nickname Maisy Moo.

And with many other new adventures in store for the Markmiller family.

What will they entail?


this giveaway will be the start of many in the near future.  

Soooo…..without further Ado….what you, my friends could be winning….

I love this sweet website.  Scarlet Threads is an amazing company.  Here is a little bit about the company:

"Scarlet Threads is a compassionate boutique, specializing in unique products designed and produced by talented seamstresses in rural asia.  The perfect gift for bridal showers, holidays, or any special occasion, all Scarlet Threads products are fairly traded and created in compliance with our core vision and values.  When you purchase one of our beautiful hand-crafted products, you become part of our story by providing a woman with safe and rewarding work." 

I became acquainted with this organization through my friend Carrie who works at New Day Foster Home in China.  I fell in love with the story of this company as well as the beautiful craftsmanship that they do.  

With that in mind, I am giving away one Caroline Apron.

Caroline apron
I love the colors in this, and truly, it is spectacular!!!

The next thing I am giving away….


Not a weekend at her ranch….but I was hoping it would be me- alas, no….

But, a copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  Brand spankin' new. Trust me on this, you need this cookbook.  If only for the mashed potatoes recipe.  No, the chocolate sheet cake.  Aw.  You need this cookbook for every stinking recipe in the book.  It is awesome.

And last but certainly not least….

This super cute purse from my friend : ) Liberty Worth.

I love Liberty- and she is an amazingly gifted seamstress.  She makes the worlds cutest skirts, amazing hand stamped jewelry, baby slings, and the best looking purses around.  This is the one you could be a sportin' on your shoulder and getting looks of envy for….

***** A little change-

Liberty changed her purses a bit….so this will be the one you will be receiving- in some amazingly beautiful fabric….and sweet Liberty is throwing in some fun surprises!!!  SO yeeehaw!!!  Here is a photo- it may be different fabric, but I can assure you, it will be AMAZING!!  Thanks Liberty!!!

You can look at her Etsy shop too.    

So…here is the deal.

Leave me a comment in the comment section.  Tell me your favorite PW recipe, or go look on Scarlet Threads and tell me what you like.  Or visit Liberty Worth and take a gander at her skirts….just leave me a comment…

Or you could even surmise as to what is going on in the Markmiller home this coming year.  

I will be picking a random winner on Friday evening and announcing the winner on Saturday morning. 

I hope you have fun. 

I will be doing more of these.

Oh- I am not being paid or anything by any of these companies.  Or people.  I just love them.  So, there ya have it.  Go to it!!!     

18 thoughts on “The Great Giveaway *** a little change

  1. OK – here you go. On scarlet threads, I love the girls’ aprons, of course. I’m not a cook, but Ellie is 🙂
    On Liberty Worth, I loved the charms. You said look at skirts, but I like the charms better.
    As for what you’ll do this year… I’m thinking you’ll build a 10′ tall snowman, probably in the next couple of days. SNOWS a-comin’
    Love ya!!!!

  2. Well, I probably won’t win (it’d look fixed), however, I do love me up some Libby Dibby! Her purses are the only Libby product I don’t have. What? I know. And the Pioneer Woman cookbook was on my Christmas list, but alas, I did not receive it. The apron? Well, who doesn’t want a rockin’ apron. They’re all great, but geesh, the Pheobe one could turn into something totally not related to cooking. 😉 Too much fun – look at you!

  3. Nice!
    I’ve looked at those aprons many a times . . . adorable!
    I love PW’s cookbook. In fact, just last night my hubby went through and marked all the recipes he wants me to try!
    I’ve never heard of Liberty Worth, so I’m off to check out her site right now!
    I do enjoy following your little family . . . it’s always fun to see what the original Katie Mei is up to! 🙂
    aka “The other Katie Mei’s Mommy”

  4. Spicy Molasses Cookies!! I could double the batch and they’re gone in 2 days.
    I like how the apron goes AROUND the “girls” and not, um, in-between them like other aprons. Nice design (and I kinda like the name too! 🙂

  5. I love love love the aprons! So cute!!! I think I might know a little of what is going on in the Marmiller household : ) Besides the normal craziness….You are so FUN!!!!

  6. Well I happen to LOVE the Caroline Apron! I think it’s because my grandma was Grandma Caroline and my 3rd child is named Caroline, after my Grandma!

  7. I’m a purse junkie and I love fabric purses. So the Libby Dibby purses are just up my alley, and I actually like the one you have on your blog the best (the Saddle Bag in Cuppa Joe). I’m having a lot of fun looking through the other sites and will be coming back to PW frequently b/c I’m always looking for good recipes! What good taste you have!

  8. I was paging through a copy of the PW cookbook at the bookstore and saw the recipe for the French Toast muffins. Those look totally amazing and something that would appeal to so many different ages in my family as a quick morning breakfast treat.
    The book looks amazing.
    the tote looks so great too for little knitting projects that I am usually toting around.

  9. I have PW Cookbook (a signed one mind u-hee hee) and it is awesome!! My favorite recipe of hers however, did not make the cookbook but was on her site recently. The Dulce Deleche Coffee… oooh myyyy perfect after a day of skiing. LOVE IT! I also totally love my reversable purse from Liberty Worth. The apron looks really cute and Im a really messy cook. As for what u’ll be doing this year… ;o) coming to PA maybe??? wink wink nudge nudge!

  10. Well All of these are so lovely… I have charms from someone from Liberty Worth Hmmmmm I wonder who that was… Love you sweet sister

  11. Sure, aprons are nice, and I DO like the skirts. I can’t say I follow PW and I hardly ever carry a purse. I do love the tiger hats. Now those are precious!

  12. OK, reasons I should win…
    1. I never win ANYTHING
    2. I am your ULTIMATE lurker…right? Like in a slightly creepy/unstable/had ya worried for a minute kind of way. But it turned out well!
    3. I want a Libby Dibby Purse ’cause I remember how cute Courtney’s wrap skirt was!
    4. You wouldn’t have to pay shipping. Just give it to me at FLOCK
    5. I NEVER win anything
    and PS- the migas. It’s all about migas. And Chicken Salad the way I like it. And sea salt truffles. And cinnamon rolls. And—it no longer matters if I run 3 times a week I can’t lose a single pound, darn it, Ree! I love them all. But ‘specially the migas!

  13. OK – well Rachel made a pretty stong case for herself. I could jump in and plead my case for how nice winning a treat would be since I do laundry for 9 people every day, and feed 9 people every day,and clean up after 9 people every day and… but since you said it is random I will just stop.
    The apron – too stinkin’ cute! Scarlet threads – amazing.
    The book – I think Rachel has made every single one already and I’ve tried some too via her. Chicken salad – wowzers!!
    The PURSE!!! That Libbydibby is FANTASTIC! I was just showing her site to a seamstress friend this week. We both rememeber my love for Courtney’s skirt! It’s amazing and I’ve had the same purse for 6 years. 😦 Poor me!!!
    I love you friend – and as for the upcoming excitement to your year… bring it on!! Can’t wait to share the journey.

  14. My favorite PW recipe is Easy, Simple Enchiladas. Oh my goodness, they are heavenly. I have made them several times and switched the ingredients up a little, but now I stick to the original PDub recipe and it is a favorite.

  15. Okay, first of all such a cool giveaway! Second, Scarlett Threads is an amazing company. I am impressed that even though the country they live in is so poor that there are no beggars. Love, love, love that apron! Wow! Third, Love Pioneer Woman even though I don’t always use her high fat content ingredients. I try to tweak them a bit. I have her cookbook and have loved all of her photography and stories. My favorite PW recipe is her 4th of July Sun dried tomato pasta salad. Fourthly, cute purses!

  16. Ok I can not resist I am entering.
    Scarlett Threads has some very cool aprons that would look GREAT in our kitchen at OCF 🙂 You remember that place don’t you Jenny :0
    Libbydibby… oh how I wish I had a Libbydibby skirt. Then I could look as cute as Courtney does on stage singing. And honestly don’t we all want to be Courtney :).
    My love of cooking…and I have never tried a PW recipe. From the comments above sounds like a must have cookbook.
    Markmiller Family…2010 move back to California-noooo, tackle another exotic animal farm-maybe, live life to the fullest according to God’s word absoulty!
    Love you & miss you!

  17. Can’t pass up the chance to post and win!!! I’m glad you pointed me toward the Scarlet Threads website – I’m always looking for fun gifts that make a difference! This Christmas, I had fun perusing 🙂 If you recommend the cookbook, I’m in. And you know I can’t say enough good things about Libby Dibby!
    And, by the way, yes it would looked if Courtney won, so you should definitely remove her name before the drawing. 😉

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