Pissed OFF.

Please go read this  And tell me why.  

I cannot fathom the reasons that governments are not placing the best interest of hundreds of children in front of politics.  These children NEED their families.  These babies need their mommas.  These children are suffering.  Not only are they scared, confused, hungry, and thirsty- but they have to deal with death and destruction surrounding them.  A nanny, who cared for some of these children lost her life in an orphanage.  Her body is still there, unable to be moved.  These children are confronted with scenes that no child should ever have to see.  They should never have to smell the stench of death.  

These babies should have the right to be with their families.  They have the right to be in a safe, sweet spot.  Have loving arms to hold them and tell them everything is alright.  To be there at night when the fears, the grieving and the monsters of the past come and take hold.  They need warm jammies and milk, and whispers of bedtime stories and lullabies.  They need to hear laughter.  These children need a place to play, to run, to jump in puddles, to climb trees and conquer imaginary kingdoms.  They need brothers and sisters to giggle with while playing hide and seek.  They need their families.

Instead, they get nothing.  No help.  They get to walk over rubble.  They have to hear the weeping of mourning wives.  They have to see the destruction.  Their eyes will take in death.  With no guarantee of not getting turned back once they get to the US Embassy.  No water.  No food.  Not even a potty.  Instead, they have uncertainty, instability, fear and the unknown.  

Thankfully, we have a God who is bigger then all thins.  And I know that He hears the cries of his children. Friends.  I do not know what will occur.  I do not know.  But I know that my prayers will continue for these children, their parents and the entire nation of Haiti.  My heart is heavy this morning.  Somehow, I know, good will come.  Oh Lord, please.  Bring these babies home.


One thought on “Pissed OFF.

  1. Jenny, I feel your pain and anguish and get tears in my eyes when I see the destruction in Haiti caused by the earth quake. It is hard to look at husbands who have lost their wives and vice versa, parents who have lost their children and children who have lost their parents. There is so much sorrow, shock and pain etched in everyone’s faces. It is hard to look at the picture of the destroyed buildings, the dead bodies in the street and to learn that the survivors who have nothing and are trying to survive are placing toothpaste on their lips and noses to try to mast out the smell of death. It is so bad for us to watch all of this on TV but can you imagine being there? Can you imagine the young children and orphans being there and having to see all of this first hand? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!
    I am also pissed off! Where is the government when you need them? Where is the State Department, why is their red tape that is preventing these young orphans from being united and re-united with their adoptive parents? How did the Governor of Pennsylvania get 54 orphans out of Haiti? Who did he know that got him the permission to go and get these children? If he could rescue 54 orphans why can’t others rescue them?
    I can’t believe that with 2000 marines and more on the way that these poor orphans can’t be protected, given shelter and fed?
    I don’t understand all the issues yet but is seems someone is sure dropping the ball here and who knows why.
    I pray each night for the safe return and coming home of all the orphans and the only solace I have in all of this is yes we have a great God who is in control of this whole mess. He too must have tears in his eyes from the grief and sadness in Haiti and I hope that it is his will that all the orphans will be home safe and sound soon with their adoptive parents.

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