Delurk….and an upcoming contest…complete with giveaway.

For all 3 of my blog readers.  

Y'all need to delurk.  
I know someone is out there.

Some days more then others.


I am going to be having a contest in the next few days. 

And I will be giving something away.

And you might want it.

And you might have to delurk.

And you might have to comment.

But that is all I am sayin.


12 thoughts on “Delurk….and an upcoming contest…complete with giveaway.

  1. Hey, I read your blog all the time… I want to go to Tahiti thanks to you!
    Please follow my blog closely these next few weeks. I’ll be updating regularly on Rob’s trip to Haiti. He leaves Sunday! Pray for the opportunity to heal hearts while he helps to heal bodies. Thanks!

  2. Jenny, thanks to your Facebook link on your profile page, I have visited your blog before, and I like having one more way to “keep tabs” on you and your family. I have no idea what de-lurking is, so you might explain that in the content of your next post, and I am certain that you have more than three readers! Get a counter for your page! I have a blog that deals with opera as its primary subject, and I have had over three thousand page visits in less than a year and five followers; therefore, if my views on opera make make that many people want to read it, surely your exciting, unpredictable life has just as many interested parties.

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