Praying…. *****UPDATE******

We are praying for this sweet little girl, Lovely, who is the daughter of friends of ours….who is waiting in Haiti for Janelle and Bryan to bring her home…they are still waiting for word on where she is, how she is or even if the orphanage is standing.  Please, pray for Lovely.


And for our friends, Craig and Ann. Their son, Kendy is in Haiti as well.  They have gotten word that the children in his orphanage are safe.  He still needs prayer for safety and food and clean water. 



Official word- all the kids are alive and safe!!!!


Now write to your congressman, senator, President Obama…give these families emergency visas so that they can bring their babies home!!!

I cannot tell you how grieved my heart has been for my friends….and I am so so so thankful that sweet Lovely is alive and well.  God is good indeed.

2 thoughts on “Praying…. *****UPDATE******

  1. I’ve been praying. Praise God for the Christians around the world who are bringing attention to this need and living out their faith! Thanks for keeping this in the forefront of our mind, my friend.

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