I cannot believe it is almost 2010.

Do you (who are old enough) remember in the 80's dancing to Prince's 1999?  And thinking- "I can't believe it will be the year 2000!"  Then taking another sip of your Bartells and James Wine Cooler and scrunching your very permed hair.

And now, 2010.  3 kids later.  

No more Wine Coolers.  Though, I would gladly drink one if it were offered.  I liked those things.

No more permed hair, ever.  EVER.  Do ya hear me?

No more nights spent out on the parade route in Pasadena.  Drinking very special hot chocolate, playing games of Monopoly, throwing marshmallows, kissing boys, making up with friends, and pretending you were totally with it when going home to pee.  Don't ask.  But it was very funny.

What does this next decade bring?  

I am not sure.

I am going forward, thankful for everything I have been given.  I am thankful for my friends.  The ones who knew me when I was running into sliding glass doors after a few too many of those Wine Coolers. And telling me that it is OK, birds do it all the time. I am thankful for the friends who got kicked out of classes with me in high school just for laughing.  I am thankful for the friends I have that know me so well we can tell what the other is thinking with a glance.  I am thankful for the friend that I can share a bed with- and not feel creeped out.  I am thankful for new friends who welcomed me without hesitation.  And share my quirky, weird sense of humor.

I am thankful for my sweet family.  Sisters who I love with passion, and parents who are healthy and well.  And In-laws who love not only my children but me as well.  I am thankful for all I have been given.  Humbled.  In awe.

I am also thankful for the unknown we are headed for.  This year will be amazing for sure.  Full of opportunity.  Full of promise.  Full of going where God is leading our family.  In a direction that we were not sure of.  And I am sure it will be a time of adventure, change, growing….and trusting more in the Lord then we ever have before.

For my sweet husband of 14 years, on the 30th…. I am BLESSED to be called your wife.  I am excited about what this year is going to bring.  I love you.

Happy New Year friends.  I cannot wait to share 2010 with you all.

5 thoughts on “2010

  1. You don’t think we’ll ever perm our hair again?? LOL!!! I’m still in amazement that we are days away from 2010, it seems so unthinkable!
    A wine cooler…haven’t had one of those in YEARS!!

  2. We are TOTALLY getting perms in like 2 years. It will be the most radical thing ever, and like everyone will be getting perms after we do ’cause it will be so cool.
    You are a gift, and I love ya!

  3. I’m with you on the perm thing. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER again! Ever…
    Of course, I’m sure our daughters will come to us in the teen years and say, “Mom, I just HAVE to have a perm! I’m so tired of my straight hair and so and so got a perm and it looks great. Oh, and I need leggings with high heels and an oversized shirt with shoulder pads….”

  4. Oh sweet friend! What stories you have to tell me!! This post made me smile. My mom used to perm my hair against my will. I looked like Richard Simmons in the 4th grade.
    I am excited about all your talk of upcoming change and adventure. Can’t wait to hear all about it and maybe be a part. God is so good. I thank Him for bringing the Markmillers to us!!

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