The most wonderful time of the year….

Merry Christmas!  I love this time of year.  This year has been a different Christmas season.  We are finally experiencing a little bit of winter weather.  And scarves.  And hats.  And coats.  Can I just say how much I love coats??  I never knew this about myself.  I love coats.

Getting used to mornings that may be only 9 degrees takes some getting used to.  But, with a garage, a car that heats up quickly, and (God bless the designer) heated seats…the ride to school is not too bad. The kids make me laugh though.  They will walk out with just a polo shirt on. No coat, nary even a sweatshirt.  And I warn them.  You need a coat.  You at least need a sweatshirt.  The best part is watching them experience that cold blast of air coming at them from the door.  And the look on their face as they scurry back to their room to grab their coat.  Heh.

The farms are so bleak and beautiful.  I love the dew that settles on the hay in the morning and how it glistens.  It looks almost like it is covered in powdered sugar.  I also love that the horses coats are getting woolly and thick.  The sun also seems to cast longer shadows which make the land come alive in a much richer and vibrant way.  I am really enjoying our first winter here. Sure.  I can complain about the cold, about the drippy noses, about the icy bridges…but somehow, I just am trying to revel in the beauty.  Enjoy the warm coziness of our home.  Dive under mountains of blankets with my children to watch Elf.  Giggle about the coldness of our mingling toes as Michael and I scurry to bed.  

Merry Christmas my friends!  I pray that your families will be blessed beyond measure as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

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