I cannot believe it is almost 2010.

Do you (who are old enough) remember in the 80's dancing to Prince's 1999?  And thinking- "I can't believe it will be the year 2000!"  Then taking another sip of your Bartells and James Wine Cooler and scrunching your very permed hair.

And now, 2010.  3 kids later.  

No more Wine Coolers.  Though, I would gladly drink one if it were offered.  I liked those things.

No more permed hair, ever.  EVER.  Do ya hear me?

No more nights spent out on the parade route in Pasadena.  Drinking very special hot chocolate, playing games of Monopoly, throwing marshmallows, kissing boys, making up with friends, and pretending you were totally with it when going home to pee.  Don't ask.  But it was very funny.

What does this next decade bring?  

I am not sure.

I am going forward, thankful for everything I have been given.  I am thankful for my friends.  The ones who knew me when I was running into sliding glass doors after a few too many of those Wine Coolers. And telling me that it is OK, birds do it all the time. I am thankful for the friends who got kicked out of classes with me in high school just for laughing.  I am thankful for the friends I have that know me so well we can tell what the other is thinking with a glance.  I am thankful for the friend that I can share a bed with- and not feel creeped out.  I am thankful for new friends who welcomed me without hesitation.  And share my quirky, weird sense of humor.

I am thankful for my sweet family.  Sisters who I love with passion, and parents who are healthy and well.  And In-laws who love not only my children but me as well.  I am thankful for all I have been given.  Humbled.  In awe.

I am also thankful for the unknown we are headed for.  This year will be amazing for sure.  Full of opportunity.  Full of promise.  Full of going where God is leading our family.  In a direction that we were not sure of.  And I am sure it will be a time of adventure, change, growing….and trusting more in the Lord then we ever have before.

For my sweet husband of 14 years, on the 30th…. I am BLESSED to be called your wife.  I am excited about what this year is going to bring.  I love you.

Happy New Year friends.  I cannot wait to share 2010 with you all.


Have yourself a Merry…uh….um…oh never mind.


I hope you get everything you want….

Including that cool tv.  And that BOSS Mr. Coffee coffee maker.

Uh.  Maybe not everything you want.


Merry Christmas.  



The most wonderful time of the year….

Merry Christmas!  I love this time of year.  This year has been a different Christmas season.  We are finally experiencing a little bit of winter weather.  And scarves.  And hats.  And coats.  Can I just say how much I love coats??  I never knew this about myself.  I love coats.

Getting used to mornings that may be only 9 degrees takes some getting used to.  But, with a garage, a car that heats up quickly, and (God bless the designer) heated seats…the ride to school is not too bad. The kids make me laugh though.  They will walk out with just a polo shirt on. No coat, nary even a sweatshirt.  And I warn them.  You need a coat.  You at least need a sweatshirt.  The best part is watching them experience that cold blast of air coming at them from the door.  And the look on their face as they scurry back to their room to grab their coat.  Heh.

The farms are so bleak and beautiful.  I love the dew that settles on the hay in the morning and how it glistens.  It looks almost like it is covered in powdered sugar.  I also love that the horses coats are getting woolly and thick.  The sun also seems to cast longer shadows which make the land come alive in a much richer and vibrant way.  I am really enjoying our first winter here. Sure.  I can complain about the cold, about the drippy noses, about the icy bridges…but somehow, I just am trying to revel in the beauty.  Enjoy the warm coziness of our home.  Dive under mountains of blankets with my children to watch Elf.  Giggle about the coldness of our mingling toes as Michael and I scurry to bed.  

Merry Christmas my friends!  I pray that your families will be blessed beyond measure as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.



I have been so lacking in my posts! Life has been a little crazy this season. So where to begin?

We actually were attacked by piggies in early November.  All three of my little piggies got H1N1.  And survived.  While it wasn't fun- it wasn't as bad as the coverage that is out there.  Thankfully- as a friend from our August DTC group that adopted from China the same time we did, lost her husband to the Swine Flu.  This reminded me how very easily a simple illness turns deadly very fast.

Sammy was the first to fall, Jack second and Katie Mei last.  Sammy and Jack were better for, oh, a day- and Katie Mei then started a fever- and then so did Jack and Sammy.  Again.  Turns out that many children who have H1N1 get a secondary infection at the end.  So, the day Katie got sick, we were at the doctor, with Sammy who had a bad ear infection, Jack with Strep Throat and Katie starting the flu.  All this the weeks before Children of Eden was set to open.

Lots of prayer, bleach, purell and tide later- and finally we all were well. I had the windows wide open in 35 degree weather every day just to air out the germies. 

Children of Eden opened and went smashingly- I will have photos of that soon.  Michael and I were at every show- and Michael took the most AMAZING photos.  I can't wait to share some with you.  Jack was such an AWESOME brother- came to each show- even wanted to be there- and never complained. He is such a great guy.  Sammy and Katie did such a great job.  I can't even explain what it is like to watch your children on stage, loving what they are doing and shining.  I see it so much in Sam.  He has a love for the stage, and all things drama.  It is a joy to watch him grow and blossom.

The bond that this cast and crew shared is something extraordinary.  Such sweet sweet people.  And a director with a heart for God, theater and people that adds up to be something very special.  We have been so blessed to be a part of this production.  It truly changed lives.  Of actors and theater goers alike.  God really was at work.

Don't mind though, that we had so many humorous and a little frightening behind the scenes glitches.  Like the fog machine not working, the tree of knowledge pyrotechnics either fizzling out or in one heart stopping few minutes, possibly spilling out.  And then of course the night a light caught on fire.  Yes.  It was fun.  But, no one got hurt, nothing got damaged, and the cast kept on!  Awesome indeed!

Thanksgiving was amazingly wonderful.  My parents and my sister Amy and her family came out.  We got to spend some fun time together- showing them a little bit of Oklahoma.  Including the American Banjo Museum.  Yes.  It is true.  We had SO MUCH FUN with everyone. Wish they lived closer.  I am secretly praying that my nephew Taylor chooses to go to college here.  I am a great spoiler.  And would spoil him rotten. : )

What is next on our agenda? Well, we are all about Christmas.  We bought a tree, decorated outside and inside….and have been spending a lot of time listening to Christmas music and watching Rudolph.  The kids have all bought gifts for each other this year, with their own money.  I love that!  I cannot wait to see the faces when they watch the others opening the gifts they chose!  So fun.

We are also headed to CA – and onto Tahiti for some much anticipated vacation! I am looking forward to sitting on the beach and watching the kids snorkel.  And eating fresh pineapple.  Watching the kids collect hermit crabs on the beach, and seeing the stars at night.  Celebrating not only New Years, but also our 14th wedding anniversary in Huahine.  Spending time with my sweet niece Lindsay.  Trying not to scare people with my sadly very white body.  Perhaps it will be a little golden when we get back.  

We also get to spend time with friends in Ca before we come back home.  What a vacation!! : )

Here are a couple of photos from Thanksgiving.  More to come later.  Hope you all are basking in the glow of tiny white lights, fires in fireplaces, hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream and the joy of the birth of our Savior.  

Breaking bread for stuffing….

I love bread.

Sweet girls.

Amy and Scott.  Love you guys!!