good morning


good morning. Well, I woke up this morning.  That is a good thing. And I felt a dull headache, nothing too bad.  So usually, the first thing I do is grab a diet coke.  I have to be honest.  This was really hard for me.  I really really really wanted one.  I MEAN REALLY.  I actually started feeling angry about the fact that I would not have one.  This is by choice.  I really want to try and go without today.  I think my day yesterday went pretty well- and I thought maybe it would be ok without any today.

So, Katie Mei came up to me (they all know I am doing this) and said "Momma are you ok?"  and I told her I was missing my diet coke.  She smiled at me and said "maybe we should just throw them all away" and I smiled at my girly.  And then I asked if she could get me a bottle of water.  She lit up and ran to get me one.  I opened it.  MMMM.  Water.  Boy is that stuff good.  Can't believe what I was missing. 

So, I decided to stave off the big headache- and took some excedrin.  I then made pumpkin pancakes for my family- and grabbed a yogurt and downed my water.  The kids were watching Arthur and Sammy called to me "Mom- did you drink a diet coke?" and I triumphantly said "nope!" and raised my water.  The three kids cheered.  And Michael kissed my forehead.  And told me he loved me.  It made me feel strong and know that I have the best family behind me.  I have friends who are supporting me.  And though this may not hold a candle to a much worse addiction- it is still an addiction to me.  And it is tough.

I know without a doubt that I am doing the right thing for my body and my heart.  Just wish the withdrawls weren't so tough.


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