The time has come. *Update….**Another one….

If you know me- even in the smallest way, you know that I have one vice.  One habit that has been with me for years.  Years.  One I have always passed off as "hey, I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol, I don't gamble…. it really is not all that bad."  Which for many people it may not be.  But I feel as though this vice has been becoming an issue in my life.  

It is time, my friends.  And I have to say, I am really apprehensive about giving this up.  But that apprehension is proving to me more that I really do need to give it up.  Diet Coke.  My sweet little bubbly friend.  I am unsure when my addiction started.  But really, it has gotten to the point that I need to give it up.  I have been wondering if perhaps this is what is holding me back from losing the 20 lbs I have gained. Odd. I thought that it would help if I am drinking something diet.  But, I really feel as though I may be hindering my weight loss and perhaps even causing other health issues.

So.  I am scared out of my mind.  I am so nervous about the side effect that come with giving up the caffeine.  I am going to go about it in a gradual way. The one thing I am not going to do is replace it.  The one thing I will allow a replacement for it is water.  Plain.  No crystal light tea or anything.  I figure that I may just allow that to replace the diet coke- which will just bring us back to square one again.

For now, the game plan is- I will allow myself 1 large soda a day- and then water.  And gradually I will wean myself off the one.  

Big question.  Can I do it?  

I know I can.  I know that this really is not a big issue in the big scheme of life.  But I am feeling in my heart it is a stumbling block – not only for my health, but emotionally and spiritually as well.  Silly.  A soda has become an obsession and a stumbling block.  And perhaps even an escape mechanism.  And how is that different from any other drug?  Hmmm.

I have to tell you I am excited about this challenge. But nervous.  Hopeful.  And perhaps going to feel a lot healthier.  

So, blogland friends…..I plan on journaling on here how it goes.  Pray for me. 

** Alright folks.  1:02 pm central standard time.  So far- 1 diet coke (can), water, water, water and excedrin at 12:00.  I feel alright.  So far.

*** It is now 5:34.  I have only still had the one can of diet coke.  Otherwise I have been drinking water- some with lemon, but straight water.  I did take excedrin, and I feel a tiny dull headache, but I am alright.  I really am so thankful.  Prayers work wonders- and folks, God is indeed good.  More tomorrow.  Maybe it will be a tougher day??


9 thoughts on “The time has come. *Update….**Another one….

  1. You can do it! Soda has always been just a treat for me. My mom rarely let us have it when we were kids, so I never really got hooked on it. It sounds like you’ve got good reasons for changing your habits. Write those down and put them on the fridge.

  2. Have you lost your mind entirely? Start drinking tea that cut back on my DDP consumption. Didn’t we cover this topic the other day and you told me it was fine for me to drink it? THE HELL girl give me one hour and I am calling to find out the details of this freaky decision.

  3. Hang in there…you can do it! If you are going to drink coke drink the real deal. All the additives are terrible for your body! Good luck!!!

  4. You can so do it!! I stopped drinking DC this summer and it has been great! I do have to say though that I miss it but water is SO much better for you!! Lots of support from me!!

  5. Wow! I’m so impressed. I’ll be following your progress. I’ve been drinking almost nothing but diet coke since I was 16, which was a very long time ago … you are inspiring me to consider giving it up (or at least cutting down).

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