Anyone there? Anyone??


Hello.  My name is Jenny.  I do have a blog.  I miss this space.  Time to reclaim it.

So.  I cannot believe that it is November.  NOVEMBER, people.  I already bought 1 Christmas gift.  For Katie Mei.  I cannot divulge what it is for fear that it will get whispered to her in her sleep. OK, I am gonna bullet things….

My friend, Jen Ludwig has an amazing Christmas CD that just came out!!!  Please go listen and buy it.  She is gifted beyond measure- and has an amazingly beautiful voice.  A voice I love harmonizing with. : )  Jen- awesome girly.  You can buy it on CD Baby.


  • Jack is playing a mean game of soccer these days- I am in awe of how far that kid can punt a soccer ball.  He loves his team.  His newest desire is to play football next fall for his school.  Does anyone remember the Brady Bunch where Greg played football and cracked his rib? And then ended up taking pictures of his cheer leading girlfriend?  Remember how Carol was so against him playing because he would get hurt?  Yeah.  And then he cracked his rib.  Yeah.  I am Carol Brady.(just have a better haircut)
  • Michael is amazing.  Can I just say that a million times?  I am so over the moon in love with my husband, and it just keeps growing.  
  • Sammy and Katie are knee deep in Children of Eden. Slideshow
  • I knew nothing of this show before we started it. And every day, I love it more.  The show is going to be phenomenal.  The cast is so wonderful- and the director is awesome.  I am so very excited.  If you want to come see it- let me know.  
  • Katie is a porcupine in the show.
  • Sam is a turtle.
  • I will forgive him for being an evil turtle.
  • I am going a little crazy because we have not been able to have dinner at home in forever.  I know it is just a season- but I really have a hard time with not being at home- having dinner and tucking in for the night.  
  • Going out to dinner is not helping me make healthy choices all the time.
  • Oh well.  It is what it is.
  • Sammy told me the other day in the car that he wanted to go to China when he grows up and secretly tell people about Jesus.  God is alive in that boy.  I am honored to be able to love that boy.
  • Jack is getting so tall.  When did this happen.
  • Katie Mei is into doing her own hair.  God bless her- it looks better then I when I do it most times.  LOL- once again, the right child for the right family. 🙂
  • I miss date nights.
  • I really miss my sisters.  
  • I am SO excited that one of my sisters and family are coming out here for Thanksgiving.
  • I am So sad that my other sister can't.
  • Michael bought a bird feeder for outside my window.
  • Does that make me old?
  • We raked leaves for the first time ever- and the kids got to jump into the leaves.
  • None of them had a sucker.
  • I am really really glad that Tracey is of the Biggest Loser.
  • and I am done.

5 thoughts on “Anyone there? Anyone??

  1. Bye bye Tracey!!!
    Okay I had to say that first before anything else!…..I’m here and I’m glad you guys are raking up leaves and jumping in them…I’ve always wanted to do that but to do that in California is hard to do! Hugs to you!!!!

  2. Im here too. Jumping in leaves with u. And toooootally agree on getting rid of Tracey… that should of been long ago. Next off… Danny!

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