18 years is a long time….and no time at all….

Photo 17

The realization that Michael and I have been dating each other for 18 years hit us the other night. 18 years.  I remember adults when I was younger always saying "time goes by so quickly".  I remember looking at them with my 15 year old angsty self thinking "you are SO wrong. Time is dragging by" So, now, I hit my, well, uh, later 30's and I realize just how right those adults were.

I remember the night I met Michael.  I was 17 years old, and going on a first date with his best friend.  All I remember is that he was very kind.  And cute.

Fast forward to 1991.  And we began dating.  

Fast forward to 1994- and in October  Michael asked me to marry him, and I said yes.

Then we married in 1995….Jack came in 1998, Sam in 2001 and Katie in 2004. 

It feels like forever and just yesterday all in the same breath.  And Michael still takes my breath away every day.  Just last night at dinner, I caught him smiling at me and I started freaking out about corn or green beans all over my teeth…so I said "what?" and he shrugged and said "you still give me butterflies when I look at you….you are beautiful".

How much more could I love this amazing man?

Butterflies after 18 years.  That, my friends, is a gift.


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