Why do I have such odd obsessions/things that bother me?

Here is a list of things that are odd about me. I know there are many.  And I know, as my friends, you probably know many more.  

1. I have an odd fear of small things bunched together.  Seeds.  Clusters of things.  A bee hive.  Ew.  I get the heebie jeebies thinking about that.

2.I love talk radio.

3. I switch shampoo too often.  I get tired of the smell and have to have a few different ones to choose from.  

4. It drives me a bit crazy when Kate asks me how to spell long sentences.  While driving.  An example, while I was driving during our recent rain storm- "Momma, how do you spell 'I am living in Oklahoma but I was born in China and I have a dog named Fenway."

5. I drink diet coke, diet dr. pepper or water (YES, it is true, I ingest water) all day.

6. When I see a pimple, I have to pick at it.

7. I can't stand the smell of dirty clothes.  When I was teaching and kids would wear dirty, stinky jeans, I would get all grossed out.

8. When I fold laundry I use a vat of lotion.

9.  I hate puting laundry away.

10. Dishes left in the sink make me crabby.

11.  I get to mad when my kids put clean laundry in the laundry room.  SO mad.

12. but, I did the same thing when I was little.

13. I detest dry skin.

14. I am probably boring you all.

15.  I hate bothering people.

16.  I am sorry for going on so long.

17.  I hope you will all forgive me.

18. I am going now.

19. goodbye.


6 thoughts on “Why?

  1. OK – you have explain the small things grouped together thing.
    Who are your favs on talk radio. I LOVE talk radio.
    With you on the laundry and dishes things.
    You are never a bore. 🙂

  2. Number 6- We are twins seperated at birth. I also love peeling sunburns…..ahh….awesome. Oh, and you can ask Creed about “peelee’s” it drives him nuts.
    That’s disgusting.

  3. How do you use the vat of lotion while you’re folding clothes. I’m trying to get the visual on that one.
    I don’t like the smell of dirty clothes either. How come ours don’t smell that way when we put them in the hamper, but they come out smelling like that? What are they doing in there to get so stinky? Our dog, on the other hand, loves dirty clothes. Every time it’s laundry day (today, sigh) she comes racing in the bedroom when she hears me open the hamper. She then sniffs every pile gleefully. She can probably tell where we went and what we ate, and who knows what else, from all those smells.

  4. Again… this is why I love you! I’m with Joannah on the lotion thing? Is this during the folding process (like in between every couple of items) or when you’ve finish folding a load you moisturize? Or maybe before diving in to the folding process? Must elaborate… #4 – it’s the age, #6 :-). Ask Brandon about the us monkey sisters who gather around picking eachother. Maybe TMI. 😉 Love you!

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