One of those nights….


I woke up at 2:00 am.  And then was up.  I was hot. I was cold.  I was crabby.  Mike snored.  The dog walked across the wood floor.  I have a million things to do tomorrow.  It was 4:00.  I got so ticked off that I couldn't sleep.  My mosqito bites itched.  Katie was talking in her sleep.  The sky was getting lighter. 5:30.  Doze.  Alarm.  My sweet husband hugs onto me.  I tell him of my night.  He tells me to sleep and he will take the kids to school.  Love that man.  Try to get back to sleep.  Remember getting up without any help for school when I was young and how I felt.  Up I get.  Hug on my kids, grab them some breakfast, do hair and help pick clothes.  Kiss my husband and hold him for a bit and thank him for taking the kids to school for me.  Close the door, walk into the quiet of my home.  I am dead tired.  But my kids know that I love them, my husband got some lovin' and I have a blessed life.

Sleep will come tonight.  But I only have a little time to love on my family. I will take that time and make sure they know I am here, and I love them.  


3 thoughts on “One of those nights….

  1. SERIOUSLY!?…it must’ve been in the air, because I had one of ‘those’ kind of nights, too. But like you, I made sure to get up and see the kiddos off to school, pray with them, and make sure they know how loved they are. I may sneak a nap in later today though…I’m not sure I can wait until bedtime.
    I love that you have your priorities in line though…and a good husband is ALWAYS a HUGE added blessing! Life flies by too fast, so it’s very important that we soak in even the smallest moments and take advantage of the time we have. Have a blessed day! <

  2. awesome. if we can’t die to self when it comes to our family in little ways, how do we ever think we will do it for God in big ways. great example!

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