Michael and I often go clubbing.

Yes, in acid wash and leather pants.

So, what.


We take random toilet photos.  

of 4 flower petals

in China.


We like to live on the wild side.

Though on our trip to China, we did manage to keep the danger away.


This is our septic tank.

Yes, we have one.

We are unsure of how to deal with it though.

This could be fun!


I hate clowns.  

My husband and children love to terrorize me.

There are so many of these photos from the Fourth of July parade, it made me cry.

And he also taught my children to sing the circus song.  Just to scare me.

Send in the Clowns gives me nightmares.


This too was in our town's parade.

Did I tell you how much we loved it?


Shriners poppin' wheelies.

We really love this town.


Our children dress up and put on shows.

Don't look to hard or try to guess what kind of clothes are on their heads.

Really.  Don't.


Of course, little sis has to jump in the show too.


I am not even sure why this is on my computer.

But I love it.

Someone told us they like to climb up these hands.

Did he, or didn't he.  

He won't tell.


Michael did this outside one night,

I was asleep.

He did it with a flashlight.

I think he was trying to talk to aliens.


This is our new pet.

His name is 



Shoot y'all.  I am so hip.

And odd.

Oddities indeed!

6 thoughts on “Oddities

  1. Oddities for sure but Ned I’m not sure about. As for the septic, just get it emptied every 4 to 5 years and add some additive that I don’t know the name of, in your toilets every month…that’d be a good thing to google.

  2. I’m glad Jenny showed the one night-time photo that came out right. I wanted to write the kids’ names, but I kept getting the letters backwards so I just wrote something easy, like “IH”.

  3. Just a tip on the septic tank. Don’t use anti-bacterial soaps because there is good bacteria in septic tanks that take care of the…uh..stuff and using anti-bacterial soaps kills that good bacteria and the “stuff” doesn’t break down and the system will back up. And it doesn’t smell good.

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