Happy Birthday Jack!


11 years ago, I was in a hospital, in labor, nervously awaiting the arrival of our firstborn.  We didn't know if the baby was a boy or a girl.  I felt in my heart, I had a son coming.  Michael and I held onto each others hands as we took part in the process of helping God bring our first son into the world.  The minute he was born, I was in love.  Jack Thomas, you are a joy.  I am so thankful that you are our son.  We could not be more proud.  We could not be!  You are a gift to our family.  We love you.  Can't wait to watch you grow more and more- and become a young man who loves with his whole heart. Keep following Jesus.  We love you.


A bit disturbed.

So.  Last night, we were at our FLOCK (small group).  Awesome fellowship, teaching, and sweet sweet worship.  Not to mention some great food!  I was bein' all single momish- Michael had to be away for some work things- and enjoying a few minutes laughing with friends.  And the door flew open and about (and this is no exaggeration)  about 7 kids ran in "Mrs. Markmiller- Jack caught a snake! Jack caught a snake!!"  Uh.  Ok?  SO I go outside- and with a HUGE smile on his face he is walking toward me with a clear plastic cup, a paper plate and a black snake.  With fangs.  And I find out that the snake had been lured toward my sweet son by a piece of a cupcake he had in his MOUTH.  What???  WHAT?

So they all crowd around Jack all 45 of the kids in our FLOCK, looking at this creature and patting Jack on his back.  Then I hear shouts of glee and they run up- "we picked out a name for it!  CUPCAKE!"  Yeah.  Because Jack had a cupcake in his mouth.  And they all think we need to take it home.  Yeah.  Not so much.  So some of the dad's helped Jack let it go in the woods.  Not before the little sweet Cupcake sunk his fangs into Jack's finger.  Thankfully, after examining the snake, we knew it was not poisonous.  Sheesh.

We then head home.  Kids showered all smelling yummy.  Sleepy and ready for bed.  I needed to take the trash out due to a purchase of one of those new fanlged Febreeze lantern looking things.  They are supposed to smell good right? Not so right.  I got home from FLOCK smelled it the minute I opened the door and got crabby.  So into the trash it went.  Then I had to throw something else away and had to smell it. I had to take the trash out right then.  So, got on my trusty slippers and started out the back door. DO YOU KNOW WHAT WAS THERE?  That's right.  Candy gram frog.  There he was.  On my back doorstep.  All ready to walk in- make himself a ham sandwich.  And well, just looking at me.  Staring really.  

Have you ever had a frog stare at you?  It is really not a nice experience.  Then I screamed.  Um, I mean shouted in joy to see my friend at my doorstep again.  My snake hunter came to find out why his mom was shouting joyfully "AAAAAH, go away"  I mean, uh "how good to see you kind sir, come in and let me make you a ham sandwich".

My son saved the day by taking the frog into his rightful home back in the lovely wet grass of our backyard. And in turn, I stopped crying and kissed my son.

And then I snuggled them all in bed.  And went to sleep. 

And had a nightmare.

Of a Giant Frog eating snake- doing a soft shoe routine to "The Girl from Ipanema" 

I am truly disturbed.

One of those nights….


I woke up at 2:00 am.  And then was up.  I was hot. I was cold.  I was crabby.  Mike snored.  The dog walked across the wood floor.  I have a million things to do tomorrow.  It was 4:00.  I got so ticked off that I couldn't sleep.  My mosqito bites itched.  Katie was talking in her sleep.  The sky was getting lighter. 5:30.  Doze.  Alarm.  My sweet husband hugs onto me.  I tell him of my night.  He tells me to sleep and he will take the kids to school.  Love that man.  Try to get back to sleep.  Remember getting up without any help for school when I was young and how I felt.  Up I get.  Hug on my kids, grab them some breakfast, do hair and help pick clothes.  Kiss my husband and hold him for a bit and thank him for taking the kids to school for me.  Close the door, walk into the quiet of my home.  I am dead tired.  But my kids know that I love them, my husband got some lovin' and I have a blessed life.

Sleep will come tonight.  But I only have a little time to love on my family. I will take that time and make sure they know I am here, and I love them.  



Michael and I often go clubbing.

Yes, in acid wash and leather pants.

So, what.


We take random toilet photos.  

of 4 flower petals

in China.


We like to live on the wild side.

Though on our trip to China, we did manage to keep the danger away.


This is our septic tank.

Yes, we have one.

We are unsure of how to deal with it though.

This could be fun!


I hate clowns.  

My husband and children love to terrorize me.

There are so many of these photos from the Fourth of July parade, it made me cry.

And he also taught my children to sing the circus song.  Just to scare me.

Send in the Clowns gives me nightmares.


This too was in our town's parade.

Did I tell you how much we loved it?


Shriners poppin' wheelies.

We really love this town.


Our children dress up and put on shows.

Don't look to hard or try to guess what kind of clothes are on their heads.

Really.  Don't.


Of course, little sis has to jump in the show too.


I am not even sure why this is on my computer.

But I love it.

Someone told us they like to climb up these hands.

Did he, or didn't he.  

He won't tell.


Michael did this outside one night,

I was asleep.

He did it with a flashlight.

I think he was trying to talk to aliens.


This is our new pet.

His name is 



Shoot y'all.  I am so hip.

And odd.

Oddities indeed!