Range Round Up and Dorkity Mc Dork Dork

Last night, we took the kids to the Range Round up here in our fair city.  Well, in the city close to our fair city.  We had heard about this weeks ago and we were all excited to go see what it was all about.  Well, folks, we had a BLAST!  I have been to a rodeo or two in my time (shut up)….but this was different.  This was all local (within our state) family run ranches competing in real ranch activities.  Some included- roping, wild cow milking, bronco bucking and wild horse racing.  There was also a kids contest- Bucking Donkeys!

The first thing we got to do is walk around all these cool booths set up with western stuff.  I got a really really cool bracelet!  I will take a photo later- but it is WAY cool.  We then grabbed some grub (look at me all countrified)- and found our seats!  Then the fun started!


The American flag- really beautiful.


The horse peeing.  My kids favorite part.  Sorry.




ready for action




bunch of kids ready to ride




Well, here it is folks.

Dorkity Mc Dork Dork

with Ree, The Pioneer Woman.

Yes, I got to meet her.

Yes, I acted like a total dork.

Yes, she is really sweet and kind and fun.

And I now, will cry. 

I look like a turtle in that photo.

And I, I who was a nanny for a celebrity, was so nervous to go up to her I was shaking.

And I can't tell you how much fun I had doing it.  

I had a great night.

But I really REAALLYYYYY was a dork.

8 thoughts on “Range Round Up and Dorkity Mc Dork Dork

  1. that is amazing!!! i am so jealous. i am sure i would of acted like a boob! i think that is so cool. i just announced it to my family and they all looked at me like “ok…and”. but i am right with you, i would of been so excited to meet her!! love you…and yet another great reason you moved to oklahoma! 🙂

  2. You don’t look like a turtle!
    My kids favorite part of the circus was when the dogs pooped.
    PW? Awesome!! Did you hear Rachel and I met the Duggar family yesterday!! We were SO EXCITED. SO we can all be dorks together. 🙂

  3. I went to see The Glory of Christmas at the Crystal Cathedral one year and the center stage horse decided he couldn’t hold it any longer. Completely upstaged Herod.
    You don’t look like a turtle.
    I am jealous, however, that you met PW. I enjoy her blog (and recipes. which are really good. and really fattening. ahem)
    I am enjoying reading about your new life, even the not so joyful stuff. You are very real and your friends and readers appreciate it.

  4. I love your candidness and how ‘real’ and down-to-earth you are…you just crack me up! 🙂 I think we all have a ‘Dork’ living inside of us that decides to surface every now and then!! LOL!
    And I LOVE the PW!! How cool that you got to meet her… I probably would’ve been all giddy, too! My bloggy friend Stefanie (from Ni’Hao Y’all!…and a fellow-adoptive mama of several Chinese kiddos, and one on the way!) won a contest earlier in the year and got to actually GO to PW’s ranch for a day of fun, cooking and hanging out! Bakerella was there, too. What a fun prize to win!! …and I know they had a blast!
    Glad you are enjoying your country life. There is definitely something refreshing about being a country girl vs. a city girl. I’m both, too!! 🙂
    P.S.>> Your sweet niece, Linsay, rounded up a bunch of Khloe photos from her stay in China and sent them my way! She is SUCH a sweetheart!! 🙂

  5. I’m laughing hysterically at the horse peeing picture (because I would have LOVED to have been sitting next to you guys when the horse started peeing) and your description of the Dorkity McDork Dork picture….. oh how i love you!

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