Heart of the Home


I am facing a new phase of life.  Shut up.  I know I am almost in my fourth decade.  But that is not what I am discussing.


My children, starting tomorrow will all be in school.  ALL of them.  The three children whom were at one time attached to these wide child bearing hips of mine, tethered to these long apron strings, are beginning the process of growing up.  They have been all along, and I realize that.  But I think the fact that my kids are all in school now, has  made that fact hit home.

My mom went back to work when I was Jack's age.  I just thought about that the other day when I was thinking about how alike Jack and I seem to be. It hit me that when I went to 6th grade, I too entered a new school- and not only that, but my mom went back to work.  Huge changes.

I remember having to walk to school and walk home.  I dreaded that walk home.  I have always been a huge homebody- and I love being home.  Even perhaps when being at home was not always the most peaceful place to be.  I loved the idea of home.  The coziness, the warmth.  The sights and sounds.  I loved it.  Even if that home to me was not a reality but what I saw on TV, or what I wrote in spiral notebooks as stories.

Walking into a quiet, lonesome home made my heart hurt.  In those lonely days at home, I made a resolve that I would be at home when my kids were as a grown up.  

So, making a home when my kids were all underfoot, while difficult, was a joy.  It was so fun to think up things to go do with the kids and then come back home to a cozy, clean (relatively) and warm place to have a nap and a snack.  Then when Michael came home, I would love him up and together we would wade through the fun times of bath time and bed time.  Then in blanket sleepers tuck them in after stories and kisses and cuddles.  And then…. well.  I will go no further in my sweet memories of evenings with my husband.

Now, I have days to myself.  Then most nights we are home.  We have a new routine and a new style of afternoon routines- and evening bed times.  The one thing that has remained the same- is that I am creating the heart of our home. How that looks will be entirely different from the days of Thomas and Princesses. We are entered into nights of homework, playing outside and dinner with Dad.  So my goal, is to make the time we have together be the best time that the kids have.  I want our home to be the place they want to be, not because of a TV show or of a story, but because it is their reality.



4 thoughts on “Heart of the Home

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I am not yet in this phase actually next year my oldest will be going to school for the first time. Things are hectic much of the time due to so many little people needing something all the time. Thank you for the reminder of why I choose to stay home. Thank you for sharing your heart with us as well. Thank you for telling me that things will change, to enjoy it, and it will get easier!

  2. *sigh* remember when…
    I just had that realization that that phrase will be used a whole lot more often.
    You are always inspiring Jenny Markmiller.
    I love you!
    P.S. Kids in school = great web chat time. 🙂

  3. My childhood was very like yours and has made me love to be home for my family and to make home a place that is always warm, never empty and filled with constant family blessings.
    My mom has always regretted not making the choice I did to become a stay at home mom. She has supported us so much for the different choices we’ve made and admires the sacrifices we’ve chosen. While I had a great childhood, those long walks home to an empty house formed me.
    For now I have my days to myself (until our Jenny comes home!), but they are filled with all things I love to do for me and my family. Baking, volunteering, sewing, and making a home for my family to name a few. I LOVE it!

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