Why can’t ice cream be good for you?

I just am crabby.  And as I get older I get crabbier.  I know news flash.  But let me tell you what I am most crabby about today.  Why is it that food that tastes yummy is not good for you.  Now, don't get me wrong- I ate an amazingly yummy dinner of grilled salmon, steamed rice and edamame- all good for me, and all yummy.  BUT.  The foods that I crave….not so much.  And it has been difficult lately. Since we found out we were moving, I have put on a few pounds (ahem, 15)- and it has been harder to lose.  To be truthful about it, it has been hard to want to eat the correct foods. Or, the healthiest choices.  I know what my body needs, but how about what it wants.

I need to find the balance between the two.  All the while dealing with the voices in my head that have haunted me my whole life about my weight. I have struggled with how I look, how I feel, what people have said to me about how I look.  You know.  I know you know.  And at a mid-life age, I find myself in the same position.  I find myself listening to those voices that tend to be louder.  I find myself slipping into the mind frame of the young 15 year old girl who was told she was fat.  And it is hard yet again.

So what to do.  I want to feel healthy- be healthy so that I can run around after my kids.  And I know what it takes to get there.  I know that I can be at a healthy weight and feel great about myself- but I also know that whatever weight I am, those voices will still be there finding fault with the things that are not "perfect".  What I really want to to is to tell those voices to shut up. 

So. Will you join me on this journey- not only to get healthy- but to silence those voices that were ingrained in my heart when I was young?

Perhaps it won't be the shortest or easiest journey- but it will be worth it, right?

Now, how many points are in Chubby Hubby?

I'm just sayin….. 


7 thoughts on “Why can’t ice cream be good for you?

  1. I’m on hold until the girls start school. That’s my goal. To start walking more with a single stroller (rather than the cumbersome double jogger). Your kiddos start school soon and moving (alone) will be alot easier (and more helpful) in losing that extra love. And I sing to you now… “I love you just the way you are…” Schmoopies!
    Tahiti Tahiti Tahiti

  2. I’m feelin’ ya Girl… the voices of a teenager in my head. What I wouldn’t do to have THAT figure again! But I think that’s my problem…it’s what I “wouldn’t do”!…or at least what I “haven’t done”… YET!! Why IS it SO hard?! And I know exactly what you are saying about the food!! I also enjoy many healthy foods… but why are my favorites, my cravings, the ones that my mouth WATERS for ~ MY FAVORITES?! UGH!! …seems like a never ending battle if you ask me!!! But, I shall keep on tryin’…keep on pressin’ on! I want so badly to shed some pounds before we travel to China. I know I will succeed at losing some…but seriously, there is not enough time to lose all that I truly desire to shed…and it doesn’t come off nearly as easily as it packed itself on!! SO frustrating!
    (thanks for letting me vent!…clearly, this has been a soar subject for me, too!!)

  3. I think the voices are way worse now!! As our youth slips away and we begin to see that we are older than all the hot actresses in Hollywood and that our bodies don’t even resemble theirs anymore – it is frightening. I feel like I NEVER worried about the way I look the way I am tempted to now. Go figure.
    And while I know, we all realize the physicaland temporal should not be worried about more than the spiritual and eternal… here I am, just longing for a more beautiful exterior and willing to let the state of my soul rot!
    SO, I will go one further with you… I will encourage you on your journey to health and fitness AND we can encourage one another to become more and more Christlike and more and more satisfied in HIM. For “the outward man is wasting away but the inner man is being renewd day by day.”

  4. WOW I thought I was the only one with little voices in my head telling me to eat a Tommy’s Burger at 7:41 AM. This is what they are telling me right now! The guys in the office bought Tommy burgers for their lunch and I can hear those burgers calling my name….theresa come and take a bite…it will be so good and tasty…you know you want too…you can make up for it by not eating lunch…or dinner…or you can walk an extra block…come, come into the kitchen…. Then the other side jumps in NO! DO NOT EAT THAT BURGER. Yes it will taste good but you will gain a pound if you do. Not “a” pound but 2 pounds. Don’t you want to look good in that dress..or that bathing suit..you will be sorry… but…life is too short and why deprive myself of wonderful food.. DON’T you are up to gaining 5 pounds now…….
    Voices in my head..sometimes I listen and sometimes I do not listen. Just remember, do not beat yourself up when you fall & we all fight with our weight. Anyway who wants to look like Megan Fox…you would have all those guys noticing you and then Mike would become jealous and before ya know it your marriage fails. So you are doing Mike a favor by staying the way you are. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚
    How is that for rationalization?

  5. Well I am in the same boat and I am going to blame it not on the naughty things I have been eating but on aging and my metabolism slowing. Next time you are having a moment call me and chances are you will stop me from shoving something in my mouth by your phone call, and I will stop you from doing some damage to yourself šŸ™‚ That way we both win.

  6. You can do it, Jenny!
    I started WW two weeks ago this coming Saturday. I’m down six pounds already. I’m amazed!!! I have a ways to go, but I am feeling so good about this.
    I told myself that I like clothes way too much to be too chubby to wear the ones I like, and that I want to be thin again as I once just a few short years ago. I’m more motivated now than ever before, and my good showing right off the bat has been an extra boost.
    You can do it. You’ve done WW before. You can do this!

  7. Jen…your “ice cream” story reminded me of my poor judgement so many years ago. I admit to being the individual who suggested a weight loss program for a gift from me to you. It was well intended but again not good jusgement, especially since it was made by your Dad. Regardless, always remember how much I love you now and forever.

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