Joseph, Joseph, is it really you?

Opening night of Joseph- last night- was AMAZING! And I am not just a proud Momma- which I am, and Samuel was phenomenal- but the entire production was simply wonderful.  Here are a few photos before and after the show- none allowed during…


Nice.  Right before he went in.  That is a pile of Thank You cards Sammy chose and wrote for his directors.  Too sweet.

after the show.  who is the ham now??

signing autographs for his fans! (THANKS Mr. and Mrs. Castor and Mr. and Mrs. Kersh!! XOXO)
Our favorite fans!! : )

So proud of our sweet Samuel Scott.

8 thoughts on “Joseph, Joseph, is it really you?

  1. You look so proud of him in that last photo! Wish we could have been there to see him on stage! Way to go, Sammy! 🙂

  2. Sammy really did stand out….he was the best Camp Joseph cast member by far. I am hanging on to my autograph so that someday I can make millions off of it!!!

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