A month (or two) of Birthdays

July is chock full of birthdays in the Markmiller/Bradbury family.  It all kicks off on the 5th, with my Dad, then mine on the 7th, Katie Mei on the 8th, my sweet niece Carson on the 10th, my sister Meg on the 11th, my most amazingly wonderful husband today, the 12th, my brother in law on the 14th….and then my sister Amy in Aug, the 20th.  PHEW!  It amazes me sometimes how we all have birthdays bunched up together.  

We have had a great weekend here!  Went to dinner for Kids Night Out on Friday night with two other couples from our small group. (FLOCK)  We had a great time eating yummy food and laughing together.  It surprises me sometimes with the blessings we see pouring down on us.  Then yesterday, Michael had to work a little bit- so the kids and I ran out and got daddy some birthday cards, and then home to clean up the house for our very first dinner party (ok, so shut up, yes, we ordered pizza, but that counts right??)!  Our FLOCK has smaller groups called Suppers For Six- or something like that if there are more- Date for 8??  And we had the honor of hosting the Woodards and the Caldwells!  We had such a great time- and all told there were 14 kids running around our home.  It was awesome.

I was so worried coming out here.  About making friends.  It is not easy for me. I am such a big homebody.  My comfort comes from familiarity, from coziness and warmth found in the friends who know me well.  Moving here I was scared out of my socks without any friends here. Now, we are in a place where I can say that I am so thankful, and my socks, are firmly on my feet- and getting cozy.

Michael's birthday is today!  I cannot say to my sweet husband how very blessed I am to call him my best friend.  I love you Michael!  Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!

I am uploading photos so I will post some tomorrow!  Have a great evening.

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