I know I have neglected our blog for so long.  I am kind of at a stand still thoughts wise with what to blog about.  Our summer is in FULL swing.  Joseph is in production- well- rehersal.  Sam goes everyday- 10am-5pm.  He is LOVING it.  I love seeing his face when we pick him up.  He was picked to be in the publicity photos with the leads yesterday- there were about 6 kids there.  IT was awesome.  I have to sing the praises of both leads- Anthony and Diana were wonderful with the kids.  Anthony and the kids did an impromptu performance of the colors. (Which are MANY) They all got them.  Then my sweet Sammy asked Anthony if he could come over for dinner.  He was so sweet to watch.  And Anthony could not have been nicer- and says before he leaves town he would love to.  Heh.

Jack is enjoying summer to the fullest.  Swimming is one of our favorite activities- Jack especially.  He is changing daily. We just got his schedule and homeroom for 6th grade.  6th GRADE!  I cannot fathom that he is that old.  He still is a sweet, childlike innocent almost 11 year old.  For that, I am so thankful.  That is one huge difference we have noticed living here in Oklahoma- kids are encouraged to be kids.  For as long as possible.  Not teenagers in 10 year old bodies. I am so very thankful we moved here when he did.  Jack can spend at least a few more summers catching frogs.  : )

Katie Mei.  Lovely sweet Katie Mei- is loving swimming as well.  She has really taken off in her swimming, thanks, Papa.  And she is goofy.  She loves making people laugh.  I just cannot believe that she is 5.  Ready for kindergarten.  My baby.

Ok, so here we are.  And here are a couple of old photos I saw recently that made my heart ache for a trip to China.




3 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Aaawwhh!…Katie Mei is so little here!! CUTE photos! I can see why they would draw you back to China!! Well, hopefully you can live vicariously through your niece for awhile…though I know it isn’t the same! If you talk to her again, have her give Khloe a big hug and kiss for me!! I can’t wait to hear more about her experiences at ND. I look forward to hearing back from you, too. I’ve been having email troubles with notes getting kicked back to the senders, so I thought I’d give you my other email, just incase.
    Have a nice weekend and God bless!! <

  2. Dang, I really didn’t want to get all teary eyed tonight. That first pic got me. Ahh. I just love how Jack is not “too cool” for my little guy. And, that little Sam-well, of course he was picked to be in the photo!
    Sorry we missed out on the fun tonight!

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