Go Go Go Joe!

Well, we are in production!  Sammy has started Camp Joseph in preparation for his BIG debut as part of the Children's Ensemble in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!  So, today he met the other kids- got to meet the director- who was in the DVD with Donny Osmond- he played Judah- which just happened to be our very favorite brother…and Sam also got to meet Joseph and the Narrator….

Anthony Federov is Joseph



Diana Degarmo as the Narrator.

Of course, Sam had NO clue who they were, but he was SO happy and excited when we picked him up today.  I was listening to him tell his stories of meeting friends, eating lunch, and learning songs- and watching his face while he bubbled over telling me everything- and I was so excited and happy for him.  And proud of his courage to walk into a possibly very intimidating situation- and being Samuel (no Sammy by the way, he asked for that)….completely happy and at ease.  Gosh.  Kids growing up to quickly over here at the Markmiller homestead.

Tomorrow, is the day before Katie Mei's 5th Birthday!  I CANNOT BELIEVE she will be 5.  That is another huge milestone.  And tomorrow, some new sweet friends are making lunch for me- as well as slip and slides and water balloons.  Should I be nervous?  I don't know- but I do know one thing- I am so BLESSED with friends.  It is amazing.

4 thoughts on “Go Go Go Joe!

  1. Yep. They are 5! Seems like yesterday we were anxiously awaiting their referrals and were greatly dismayed when they split July, remember?
    The days are long, but the years are short, aren’t they?

  2. So excited for Sammy. What a great thing to get to do!!
    And you should be a little nervous to hang out with us… haha… what do you have to be nervous about?! – you are already a perfect fit!

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