3 thoughts on “Oklahoma….so far

  1. Hey Jenny!
    GREAT VIDEOS – all of them. (See if Michael can time the 1812 Overture to the lightning one…)
    So true about the pace of life, the reality of a slower pace AND the beautiful skies that are NOT created by layers of smog filtering the sunset. 🙂 I so much enjoyed walking when I was visiting my parents – and all the birds! (And the lilacs were blooming!) ‘Course there’s them neighborhoods where the cows don’t smell too good…
    So where did you put the TV? Your house is so beautiful and you look great – (I loved the cow picture that Curtis suggested.)
    Tomorrow is DYLAN DAY – I’ve been missing you mucho!
    I’m so glad you guys are coming to visit.
    Love to you and all the family too!

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