Things I love about Oklahoma…. ed. 2

So, after living here for a little over 2 months….here is my newest version of 

Things I love about Oklahoma

  • People.  Seriously.  We have felt so warmly welcome here, and not just by our neighbors.  People here are genuine. Always ready for a conversation, always kind.  
  • The pace of life.  A bit slower.  A bit more realistic. 
  • green- it is so green here right now! 
  • thunderstorms- awesome.  Scary sometimes but awesome none the less. 
  • the smell of the hay meadow when it is raining 
  • our teenage neighbor who mows our lawn 
  • our new babysitter 
  • watching my kids go scootering off down our street- knowing they are safe 
  • the wildflowers 
  • every doctor we have seen so far- so kind…never in a rush 
  • beef 
  • Irma's burgers 
  • Sonic Happy Hour (1/2 price drinks from 2-4)
  • Pop's Ice 
  • my drive to anywhere.  Serious- no traffic and beautiful
  • the availability of things to do 
  • the variety of birds that sing in our trees.  A concert. 
  • crickets 
  • multitudes of stars 
  • the way the hay sways in the wind 
  • the beauty of horses at sunset 
  • the longhorn bull farm (yes, I think that was in my first one, but I still love them) 
  • our vet 
  • the kids in the late afternoon sunlight 

6 thoughts on “Things I love about Oklahoma…. ed. 2

  1. I love that you are enjoying Oklahoma…it is nice to get a good report sometimes! How are you enjoying the gym?

  2. Sounds so wonderful. We’ve been looking for years for somewhere to move to once our kids are done with school and you’re making OK sound perfect! Glad you guys are enjoying it.

  3. Has someone spiked your diet coke? Crickets? Really? I get it, but do you realize what you’re sayin’? They are gonna read your blog and come visit you at night, in your room, on your pillow – yikers!

  4. does sound wonderful. I want to visit…And, i’m with you on the crickets. I LOVE the sound they make..Reminds me of summer. Speaking of Summer…..It’s ALMOST HERE!!!! YEHAW! (uh, did i just wound southern?)

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