I have missed something BIG


Our friends, Carol, Roy and Megan celebrated their 4th Gotcha Day!!!  I have been dealing with all the fun stuff that comes with visitors from CA, and school stuff, that I forgot to wish them a very happy Gotcha Day.  Carol and I became friends, rather unexpectedly while waiting for our referrals for our sweet girlies.  We instantly discovered a bond- and one that will never leave.  We have shared so much over the past 5 years- Carol- I am SO thankful for you my friend.  Meg- WE LOVE YOU!!! Happy Gotcha Day!! Roy- you old man- your family is a blessing.  We love you guys!!!


One thought on “I have missed something BIG

  1. I am so thankful to have met you, my far away friend. I miss you! I love that we can pick up right where we left off when we havent spoken in weeks.
    Meg talks of how much she misses her friend Kaite all the time.
    We must come to OK!

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