Help Help Help!!!


14 thoughts on “Help Help Help!!!

  1. So fun to see you Jenny! Makes me miss you. Lovely house! Confusing area, bookshelf maybe? Is there any other room that could be the tv room? I’d push the couch back a little and put the tv over the fireplace. Miss you, miss you!
    You look fabulous by the by.

  2. ok—love the video!! makes me miss you soooo much!
    not sure i have any advice for you…but i loved seeing your house. it is beautiful!
    love you girl!

  3. Ok sister, here’s advice that’s too good for even HGTV.
    – Two words: Pool Table. Ditch one of those dining tables and put one in. How many places do you need to eat at? It worked for the Beverly Hillbillys and it’ll work for you guys (the Reverse Beverly Hillbillys)
    – TV above the fireplace? You don’t even need a TV really. I’m sure there’s no cable out there and I understand that satellites don’t fly over Oklahoma. Ever. They do occasionally fall there and UFOs kidnap cows, but sorry no DirecTV.
    I’d suggest this painting over that empty spot.
    – That narrow corner next to the fireplace? One word: Kegerator! Mike won’t admit it, but he wants one. BAD. Perfecto:
    – You need to replace that kitchen door with one of those dutch doors so you can put the fresh pies out for the hobos to grab when passin’ by.
    – Curtains. Or blinds. Seriously, you need to put something up. Sheets if you have to. I’m sure your neighbors have told you the horror stories about roaming livestock peeking in at all hours, scaring the daylights out of the kids or breaking in and stealing shiny objects. If they haven’t told you, then they’re not very good neighbors and you should move immediately. Mike can make his robots or whatever here in California now. It’s been legalized. Or at least decriminalized I think.

  4. What I do know about the LCD tvs is that they shouldn’t be placed above fireplaces. Electronics should not get hot…dangerous. And Mike’s right – you’ll hurt your necks! (You aren’t supposed to have it higher than a 30 degree eye level – Mike can get out his protractor and measure that 🙂 If you want the tv in there, you’ll have to place it to the side and configure your seating so that you can watch it, and enjoy a fire. Tough one Jenny! The downstairs in beautiful. I hope you are surviving the daily storms I see on TWC. SWAK

  5. I still vote for the TV over the fireplace. You can direct it down just a bit and have rotating pictures displaying while the TV part is off.
    As for the space, I think some nice cabinetry for DVDs and shelving for displaying wonderful family photos.

  6. Absolutely with out a doubt. TV over the fireplace. There are tv mounts that can angle the tv down a little. I agree with Laura, push the couches back just a tad and then you don’t have to tilt it down as much. The awkward area, a built in unit or a huge armoire that can house all your electronics, etc. You would also need to balance out the other side of the fireplace with maybe artwork or something. Re: coffee table, not table…get an ottoman with a tray. If it’s a tv couch, you’ll want to put your feet up. IF you really want a table but them on the ends of the couches for drinks, etc. But, i’m all about ottomans for tv couches! ok..think that’s it…MISS YOU. Wish i could come out and decorate with you. BTW, you look beautiful!

  7. Forgot to mention you can place the couch along the windowed wall and place the chair opposite of where it’s at now if you end up with a tv cabinet to the left, but I still say above the fire place.

  8. I say above the fireplace for the tv and some shelves in the open space with closed cupbards below to house stereo, cable box etc or better yet a built in desk with shelves above. Weren’t you looking for a place to sit with your laptop or to write bills etc

  9. Oh, this made me miss you so much! It also looks like you found a good eyebrow place, which, you know, is very important.
    OK. I am very opinionated abut interiors so keep that in mind. First, please don’t put a teevee on your mantle. Gosh, I can’t say enough about that. A mantle is such a room focal point, don’t you want some beautiful pottery or a piece of art there? Not loud, ugly commercials? Blih. Also, in the corner, a bookshelf. Books always look fantastic. You can even get a bookshelf with a cupboard on the bottom for games and other storage. You could even get one of those teevee armoires like they have in a hotel, you know, where you can slide the teevee out and swivel it around. Just not on the mantle! Please! After that it’ll be foil in the windows and crochet toilet paper covers!

  10. Aww. Seeing you makes me miss you more. Hmm. I think built-in shelves in that nook next to the fire place. Perhaps some cabinets on the bottom to hide components. Although I’m not a huge fan of tv’s over the fireplace, it seems like that area makes more sense in that room. Otherwise, will everyone crowd around the nook trying to watch it? Plus, this way Michael can get a BIGGER tv! See, everyone wins…you get it over the fireplace and he gets a big tv. 🙂 Beautiful house. Thanks for sharing. BTW, you have my dream kitchen!!!

  11. Hmmm … how about a big screen that lowers from the ceiling in front of the (not-being-used-at-that-moment) fireplace with some sort of projector mounted somewhere on the ceiling by the kitchen. Do they make something like that? I don’t know. I’m not a AV person. If not, Mike can fashion something out of household materials in his spare time. And if you have a big screen like that, you’ll need surround sound, I understand. So you’ll need those nooks to house the gadgetry in some kind of fabulous built-ins. For a coffee table – anything that doesn’t get rings when coasters aren’t used, doesn’t get fingerprints, and is sturdy enough to handle someone’s feet without jostling your Diet Coke. And square. Let me know if you discover this magical coffee table. I want one. Oh – and if it has storage for cozy throws, that’s a bonus. Love your house and miss you!

  12. Here’s my two cents. I vote for the tv above the fireplace…. ONLY because I currently have a mantle that is empty with the exception of a clock. Im clueless as to what to put up there. I did the picture thing, but got bored with that look. Mantles are hard to decorate I think. As for the corner… custom corner cubbard. Bottom half doors, top half bookcase. Love that look.
    Coffee table. MUST have. Square. Definately square. WITH drawers to hide unsightly remotes when not in use. And I would vote for end tables, both ends of the main couch. Roy just said the other nite that he wishes his side of the couch had an end table (but that would require building an extension of the wall…. not happening).
    Other than that… I would just enter your room on “Designers Challenge” on HGTV. LOL! But seriously, how fun would that be!!?
    Have fun, good luck.

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