Hello my bloggy world friends.  

It has been a long time since I actually sat down to write a bit.  So hang with me for a bit.

We have officially lived in our new home state for 7 weeks.  I cannot believe it has been that long.  This has really been a life change for our family. I never anticipated some of the adjustments that have come up- but I have to say I am really very proud of all of us for how we have handled the move.

I have been struggling with my kids.  The relationship of Mom and kids has altered a bit to be mom and teacher and kids.  I am blessed with children with whom school work comes pretty easily.  We have been able to pump out all the work set for us by their old school- and for the most part, we are done with the actual schooling part.  I have wondered how I would fare as a homeschooler.  I would not fare well.  I have the utmost respect and awe for all you momma's who have been called to homeschool.  I know what a task that is, and one that is totally not respected and revered enough today.  

Most people ask how we like Oklahoma.  I have to say that we truly love it. I am surprised to say that OK feels like me.  I feel at peace here.  The land here is really so much more beautiful and rich then I imagined.  There trees and hills, the colors of the hay meadow, the sound of birds singing, the smell of the rain, the sound of lightening and thunder, and the richness of the red in the soil really speak to my soul.  In ways that I would not have expected.  When I go outside and the sounds I hear are so different then the sounds I heard outside in California.  The quiet here is lovely.  I can clearly hear the wind through our oak trees.  The sound of the birds is like no other.  

Living here has reminded me so clearly of how alive God is.  And how masterful His creation is.  I know that we used to live in a place where the waves crashing on the shore and the majestic mountains were a reminder of His awesome creation. Now, the reminders have a different feel.  Almost more intimate.  The gentleness of the rolling hills with horses and cows grazing.  The simpleness of the hay meadow is overshadowed by the intensiveness of the sunset.  The sherbet color sky is breathtaking and silent in its beauty.  The many different birds, each singing different melodies, each praising their Creator in song. The mature oak trees, leaves dancing in the wind and reaching toward the sky in praise.

Living here has awakened my heart and soul to a deeper and richer relationship with God.  Being away from everyone and everything that has cushioned me in comfort has made my heart soften and long to find that comfort again.  I have found solace in the sweetness of a new space.  The silence of this land.  The loneliness of my soul has brought me to Him in a much richer way.  And He has opened my eyes to parts of me I never knew existed.  I am so thankful for that.

I have been reminded of a song my friend, Jen wrote.  I am in constant awe of Jen and her gifts, and this song is one of my very favorites.  And there is a line that comes to my mind every day when I am outside our home or driving along the highway….that even if we are silent, the very rocks will cry out their praise to the Lord.  

"If we keep quiet 
if we keep quiet we stand ashamed.
If we keep quiet,
the rocks will cry out
Praise you, Praise you,
Lift your name
We will shout out shout out
songs of praise…."

I have seen and heard nature praising God.  Not only on the beaches of California, but now in the meadows of Oklahoma.  So how is living here in Oklahoma?  Pretty amazing so far.

Here are a couple of photos of things we have done lately:

At the OKC zoo waiting for the Sea Lion Show.
My monkeys.  
In Norman, at the Museum of Natural History
Waiting for the Lion King to start
My family.  NICE.
With the actors who played young Simba and Nala.

They were so sweet and awesome.

6 thoughts on “Stuff…..

  1. Nice to have you back – I love reading your blog! You are a very talented writer. Great pictures. Everyone looks happy 🙂 Katie Mei looks like she has grown since last seeing her ??? Kindra received her “packet” from OK Christian yesterday and BOLDLY announced “I think this is one of my top picks – mom”! Get ready – I am sure she is planning a college visit soon. Glad to hear all is well, please say Hi to all. Take Care, Shannon

  2. I agree with Shannon. You are a gifted writer. Your style creates pictures with your words.
    You make me want to move to OK just to see and feel that peaceful beauty you write about.

  3. Yea for a new post! Yea for loving Oklahoma. Yea for pictures. Yea for the awesome pic with the Lion King actors – way too cool for us LA folk. 🙂 Yea for a picture of you – I miss that face!

  4. That was really lovely, Jenny, and a wonderful reminder of God’s purposes behind things like moves, and whatever else. Awesome!

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