Welcome to my world….



One Month

I cannot believe that we have been in OK for a month.  It seems like we just got here.  And then days when I am up to my armpits in crabby children it seems like forever.  Life has been challenging since we moved here.  I think the most challenging aspect has been the fact that the kids and I are together basically 24/7.  That is a lot of face time for us, considering all of them went to school back in CA.

They really amaze me with how they have handled this huge move.  I have been facing many obstacles with each of them in different ways, but I have to say that I am filled with pride as I watch them each adjust to their new home and surroundings.  There have been many a threat of living with Pop and Nana back in Ca.  There have been tears, fights, yelling and anger.  

There have been some really sweet moments too.  Watching Jack and Sammy ride off on their bikes together to explore.  Or watching them all play basketball together.  Or hearing Jack read to Katie Mei.  Experiencing new parks, new museums, new zoo, new restaurants together.  It has been a really wonderful experience.  And I realize looking now at this time, that there probably will not be another time like this in our families narrative.

We really have each other right now.  All our free time is spent as a family, with no one else around.  Our nights consist of family dinners and long walks through our new neighborhood.  We have sweet times of school- and watching Katie do her "homework" while the boys do theirs is a funny thing to behold.  I have gotten to know each of the kids in different and profound ways.  And for that I am thankful.

We have entered the soccer realm with Jack and Katie and Sammy are taking gymnastics.  So we slowly are venturing out.  I tend to like the safe cocoon of home- so it takes a bit for me to get out there.  It will happen, slowly.

God is good, friends.  While sometimes my heart aches to be in familiar surroundings with friends who know my heart and family who warms me, I am profoundly aware of the Hand that has guided this move from the beginning.