4 Years Ago….

I still am amazed that 4 years have passed since sweet Chen Jing Ying became Katherine Mei Jingying  Markmiller.  She has been one of the very sweetest gifts that God has given our family.  Katie Mei, you have brought more joy, laughter, love and grace to our family then we could have ever imagined.  It feels like you have been part of our family since the beginning of time.  And you have been.  We love you.  So much. Happy Gotcha Day sweet girl.


Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain…..

They weren't kidding when they wrote that lyric!

Hello!  We are here, computer set up, beds put together, lots of boxes unpacked and lots to go.

So far, things I have found out about living in Oklahoma…

  • it is really windy
  • the air is very sweet smelling, fresh and clean
  • I never imagined I could love a hay meadow so much
  • there is a small creek (ok, uh drainage) that is accross the street and down a little hill that the kids love exploring.  They named it the Cliff of Doom.
  • Fenway loves to go outside, but doesn't run away.
  • thunderstorms are really beautiful and impressive
  • and very scary when you are the only adult in the house at 2 am.
  • thank the Lord for DirecTV and wireless.
  • everyone is so friendly
  • everyone looks at us like we have 2 heads when we say we have moved here from CA
  • kinda the same way everyone looked at us in CA when we said we were moving to OK
  • my husband ADORES his new job
  • he is cute when he ADORES things
  • I miss everyone at home at times so much I ache
  • the kids are doing pretty well- we have had a few weep sessions, but they really are great.
  • I am so proud of them
  • We tried 2 churches.  Eh.  One had earplugs outside the door in case the music was too loud.
  • the music was too loud.
  • plus they had movie type seats with cup holders.
  • this house is becoming home
  • it is so beautiful it takes my breath away
  • our neighborhood is great
  • kids can ride their bikes, scooters, walk all over
  • the stars are the brightest I have seen in a long time
  • so is the moon
  • there is NOTHING like a sunset over the hills in OK- really!  (Jeannie was right)
  • the drive to the market and the kids school includes a trip past a long-horn bull farm.  It is now my very favorite drive ever.
  • I love my bed.
  • God has been so good to us I can't see straight.
  • Cows are cute.

How are you doing?


Well, hi!  How are you doing?  How is it going?  Is everything packed?  Are you ready?  Are you sad?

This has been the start of just about every conversation we have had lately! 

I am doing alright.  A bit daunted by the task at hand this week.  We have packed some things, we need to dump more things and we want to spend time with family and friends.  No, everything is not packed.  But, that is why we have packers coming on Friday.  Am I ready?  YES.  Heavens.  In many ways I wish this week was already done.  And the question, am I sad?  Yes.  Very much so.

Today at church, it was sobering to get hugs from friends from the worship team that this was the last time we would be singing together.  The relationship we have on our worship team is so different then any other that I have been involved with.  And I count my time with them as a bit of heaven on earth.  I will miss my time with them. 

Leaving my sisters.  Don't get me started.  I just can't imagine not being able to run to see them at the drop of a hat.  Then again, flying from our new home will take about the same amount of time as driving to their homes.  I am blessed beyond words with you.

And friends.  You are loved and will be missed.  And PLEASE if you ever want to take a road trip to OK…..the door is always open.

So, how am I doing? 

I am amazingly and abundantly blessed.