Getting the itch

Now that we know for sure that our move is imminent….I am totally nesting.  Kinda feels like the last months of pregnancy- or waiting for Katie Mei's referral.  Like I have the sudden urge to purge.  So I have begun.  I went through our pantry and fridge first- getting rid of things that have gone bad.  OK- do you realize how much money I just threw into the trash?  You are kidding me!  It floored me. 

Next is onto the kids closets.  I can handle Katies.  IF you don't hear from me in a few days, send in help.  Sammy's mess may have eaten me alive.



2 thoughts on “Getting the itch

  1. I purged the kids rooms and toys just after Christmas. My closet is next and this summer we will tackle the garage, provided that we can actually get IN the garage. ;D I plan on having a rescue team on alert in case they don’t hear from us after 3 days.

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