Watch out plains…..

OklahomaLogo03  Here come the Markmillers!

12 thoughts on “Watch out plains…..

  1. Wow! You’ll be in our “neck of the woods.” Or, more accurately, prairie! We’re from the TX Panhandle (Amarillo area) — that’s where all of our families live, and when we’re not in China, where we call “home.” Please, do tell, where in OK? If you want, you can email. 🙂 Maybe someday we can meet!
    Carrie McKean

  2. Wow! Look out…the Canadian friends maybe visiting! LOL…Congrats to Mike! I’m sad for you as well though leaving everyone. I know…we were there. Keep us up-dated! Are you house hunting then?

  3. Oklahoma is really a nice place to live. If you are in the OKC area you should check out Edmond. That is where I lived and it is a really nice town just north of OKC. We now live in Dallas, but my in-laws still live in Edmond, and we visit often. You will also be able to buy a very nice house because the prices are waaaay more affordable. Best wishes for you and your family in this exciting journey.

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