For all 3 of my readers…. ; )


It amazes me how God orchestrates change.  It happens not only when you are not looking for it, but also when you have resigned yourself that everything is the way it is meant to be.  Sometimes, we get thrown for a loop.  Our family is in line for the great roller coaster ride of a possible move and job change.  We were in line for this move a couple of years ago, but at that point, the ride was stopped, and we got out of line to go to another ride. 

Well. The coaster opened up again.  The really cool thing is that we got to go straight to the front of the line.  And our car may be boarding really soon.  We are unsure yet, of what the Lord has in store.  But, our kids, are on board.  And that my friends, is an answer to prayer.  Stay tuned.  Hopefully we will have an answer soon. I need to say, I am so excited for my amazingly wonderful husband….I can't stand it!  : ) 

13 thoughts on “For all 3 of my readers…. ; )

  1. I’ve been wondering if this roller coaster of waiting had to do with a job and move . . . I’ll be praying for wisdom, direction and peace!
    And we seriously need to find a way for the two Katie Mei’s to meet before (if) you leave Cali. Don’t you need to visit the Monterey area?

  2. So if this happens, your blog will be our only lifeline to see what’s happening in your family! We’re excited for you, but a little sad too. But if God is leading, you go!

  3. Jenny, sounds like exciting things are coming up for you! I know you have wanted that change for a long time.
    Thanks for stopping by today and leaving such an encouraging comment. I so appreciate your prayers.
    Katie Mei is getting to be so grown up!

  4. What a beautiful picture. Makes me want to break out in song about surreys with a fringe on top. We are anxiously waiting with you guys. I am confident that the Lord has an amazing ride ready. Love you.

  5. May our Lord and Saviour rain down wisdom so the tough decisions become easy, guidence so you will see His path always, and peace so you know it is His will. luv u

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