Up in the air


Our family is on the edge of a huge decision.

An exciting time to say the least.

A scary time.

A sad time.

A trusting time.

And we will have an answer very soon.

Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “Up in the air

  1. lately I seem to be an expert at snow blowing, anyone want to come up and learn how. I am more than willing to teach and we have more than enough snow for you all to learn on.

  2. Oh now I am singing.
    “Anything you can do,
    I can do better.
    I can do anything
    Better than you.”
    Someone continue….
    but I get something along the lines of “sewing an apron” or “Snow plow a driveway”

  3. I see how you are…out of the three people that read your web site you tell two your secrect and leave the third one out. Don’t worry my feeling are not hurt. No more DC for you…..:) 🙂

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