Happy 2009!!

I cannot believe another year has come and gone!  We had a wonderful Christmas with our family- a Wii was a huge hit with the boys, and Miss Katie Mei received her first big American Girl Doll- now her bitty baby, Mei Mei, has a big sister….Julie Rachel.  Yes, she says her full name every time she talks to or about her.  And Michael and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary yesterday- with a decadent night away- and a swanky local hotel.  It was wonderful.  Thanks, Linds for watching the kids.

Last night, our church had our annual New York New Years Eve party!!  We had a rockin' time!!  Here are some of the more recent photos. 

Hope you are all well and have a wonderful and blessed New Year….

And stay tuned.  Something big may be afoot for the Markmiller 5 (no, no more children!!)

IMG_9288  Sam is very expressive!

IMG_9297 Julie Rachel and Katie Mei.

IMG_9298 They are making us take this photo!

IMG_9313 Love you Linds!!

IMG_9349 Uncle Jaime

Tayengleth  Nothing says Christmas like some English Leather!

IMG_9380 Meet Sammy's new pal- Peanut Butter

(sorry, Kristine!)

IMG_9384  And meet Elphaba….my rat. : )

IMG_9393 I love you guys so much!

IMG_9426  Good Times….

IMG_9508 our special guest….


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