Color me crazy….

But tell me why we are leaving this….

Redondo-beach and headed to this….


hmmmm.  One must ponder.


Getting the itch

Now that we know for sure that our move is imminent….I am totally nesting.  Kinda feels like the last months of pregnancy- or waiting for Katie Mei's referral.  Like I have the sudden urge to purge.  So I have begun.  I went through our pantry and fridge first- getting rid of things that have gone bad.  OK- do you realize how much money I just threw into the trash?  You are kidding me!  It floored me. 

Next is onto the kids closets.  I can handle Katies.  IF you don't hear from me in a few days, send in help.  Sammy's mess may have eaten me alive.


Another one down, trip postponed *updated

Well, Miss Katie Mei woke up sick this morning- best barfer of the family, next to Sammy- so we have to postpone our house hunting trip. Poor Katie.  Now just waiting for the other shoes to fall.  Who will be next?  Sammy?  Mike?  Me?? 

*Katie is doing great- I think being young helps.  And everything worked out to go to OK to house hunt next week. 
And, Michael was on a day trip to Seattle- where there is another branch of his new company- and it is official! : )  Could not be more proud of him.  Love you so much, Michael!

If you are a praying sort….


Please pray for our little family.  We are supposed to be going house hunting on OK on Thursday- and this morning we have some barfing kids- well one down.  If you think of it, please pray for Jack…and that Sammy and Katie don't get it- nor do Michael and I.  Thank you.

A little more about our move….

I had to go back and look at my archives to find this post– which was the last time we were waiting about a possible move to Oklahoma.  I look back and think how anxious I was to know if we were going to move and when.  But, I am so very aware that we are going at the best time for our family.

See, it all started when Michael was a teenager.  He and his dad loved going hiking and rock climbing together. Mike and Rudy used to go with Summit Adventure on their trips.  They loved the father son trips and the really tough longer trips, but the one they loved the most was helping out on the Go For It trips.  These were amazing weeks camping and rock climbing with physically and developmentally challenged young adults.  Some were paralyzed, in wheelchairs, some had CP, some had Down Syndrome, and others were often missing limbs.  The crew that helped and the campers hiked, camped and rock climbed, often up shear rock faces.  In their wheelchairs, on long stretchers, or on the backs of the helpers.  Mike loved those weeks with passion.  And it was there that his desire to help people with lack of mobility, move easier.  

Fast forward to his Master's thesis which was all about how the body perceives motion. His heart and mind constantly devoted to his desire to design prosthetics.  The doors seemed to be closed at the time of his graduation.  So for the past 14 years, he has been working in the Aerospace industry- and very amazing at his job there.  

14 years later, the door has swung wide open.  We are amazed at God's timing and gift of this job, this desire of Michael's heart.  To hear your husband say over the phone "Oh, Jen, this is a job I never thought I would get.  If I could have designed a job for myself, this would have been it- tenfold" has to be one of the best things I have ever heard.  I cannot imagine a more wonderful man to be in the role that he will be in.  I cannot wait to watch him blossom and grow in this role, and in this company.  I cannot wait.  

I am so thankful, and blissfully in awe of how the Lord has given Michael a rich rich gift.  One that brings tears to my eyes knowing that Michael never expected this.  Nor did I. And while leaving California behind, especially my sisters and dear sweet friends will be one of the most difficult things to do, I leave in the full assurance that we are going exactly where we need to be.  And my husbands smile and full heart will lead us, following the Lord step by step.  God is good, friends.