Michael and Jenny Part VII

Just when you thought it had gone away for good- the story kept going…. here is the last installment in case you are wondering where we left off.

Over then next few months, our relationship changed.  It went from a loving, tender, fun dating relationship to a wonderfully intense, rich and passionate courtship.  Michael was earnest in his desire to properly court me and I was relishing in the love he was pouring out on me.  We had some of the best times together.  Walking through Boston and Cambridge while discussing the "what if's" of our future together.  The whole time with starry eyes and stolen kisses.

Over the summer that year, while we were both home, Michael was busy making plans.  He spent a nervous night wringing his hands and asking my dad's permission for my hand in marriage. I have to laugh about it- considering I think my parents yelled "yes, you can have her" before the "may I have your blessing…" even came out of Michaels mouth.  That was the easy one.  Next, Michael had a really emotional and uneasy dinner with his parents.  See, Michael is the youngest, and at 23, he was considered still very young- and certainly not ready for marriage.  But, Michael was amazing- he stood his ground. He lovingly thanked his parents for everything, and told them of his plans.  It seems odd now to look back and see how different and wonderful our relationship with his parents is now.

That fall, at school, I knew without a doubt that he was going to propose.  And soon.  So for a few weeks, he threw me for a loop. He took me on dates. BIG dates almost each weekend.  We went on a cruise around Boston harbor, we went for a hike…even out to nice dinners.  Each time, my hopes were high- my heart and stomach were in a tizzy each time.  Would this be the day?  And each time…no.

To say I was frustrated and anxious would be a complete understatement.  After about 3 weeks of this pain- we were going to go out to dinner in Harvard Square.  And he was late.  2 hours late.  And no phone call (mind you, this was before cell phones).  If you know me, you know my BIGGEST pet peeve is when people are late without calling.  SO I was LIVID.  And scared.  Finally he shows up, and I silently walk beside him in the chilly fall air.  He turned toward me and asked what was wrong.  oh, no.  IT all came out as yelling- and telling him how frustrated I was that I had been patiently waiting, and NOTHING.  

I remember him just staring at me.  And taking my hand, apologizing quietly and curtly and telling me that I had to just be patient. Little did I know that he almost just took the ring out of his pocket and threw it at me at that moment of my tantrum.

I am so glad he didn't.

The next day we had planned on going apple picking.  The day dawned warm and beautiful.  Michael, uncharacteristically showed up early with breakfast in hand.  I was surprised, and puzzled.  I quickly put off the notion that today was the day. We drove and went apple picking, we drove to a park, which ended up being a camp not in session- and took a small hike.  We then headed back to Boston.  Michael told me we had to make dinner.  I sighed and said, ok, we can make it at my dorm.  He said, no he had reservations.  At the Four Seasons.  Uh, ok.  My heart picked up a bit.  Home we went- got all gussied up and headed by cab to the restaurant.  We actually walked all over Boston Public Gardens first.  Back and forth, for no reason.  At least none that I knew.

We made it to dinner, where there was a huge bouquet of roses waiting at our table.  I could not swallow.  The waitress commented that it must be a special day- and Michael quickly said no.  I smiled and just tried not to throw up in my water glass.

Michael told me that we had tickets to go see Evita that night, so we headed across the Boston Public Gardens to catch a cab.  It was so beautiful out.  Warm and clear.  The lights on the bridge across the swan boat pond were reflecting off the water- and the weeping willows were swaying in  a gentle breeze.  The garden was quiet and lovely.  Michael stopped me at the middle of the bridge.  He looked at me and I knew.  

"I love you." He said "and I know that the Lord has brought us together.  I can see that with every day.  And I don't want to waste another day.  So, Will you marry me?" 

I don't think I breathed.  I really don't.  I gasped and cried "Yes!!!"

He pulled the ring off the tip of his pinkie.  Oh it was (and is) amazing. He put it on and it fit perfectly.  We kissed, with passion and a promise of eternity.  At that moment, I knew nothing but joy.  At that moment, my life changed forever. 


11 thoughts on “Michael and Jenny Part VII

  1. I have been waiting so patiently for this story and I was not disappointed. I’ve got tears rolling down my face right now with a BIG smile! These stories are one for a memory book for your beautiful children to read someday to their children.

  2. Much of the art of storytelling is knowing which details to include, and which to leave out. Since I’m no artist, here are a few details that Jenny wisely(?) omitted:
    -I received the ring from a jeweller friend a few weeks before I proposed. To keep Jenny from finding it, I kept it in one of my volleyball shoes.
    -Jenny says she was livid that I was late for our date. That is like saying the passengers on the Titanic were “inconvenienced” by the iceberg.
    -I packed a picnic lunch from the best deli in town. Unfortunately, I picked the only park in New England that was not gloriously beautiful with Fall color. And it had a spooky campground. Let’s remember it as “A very special episode of Scooby-Doo”.
    -We made a stop to buy a clothes iron on the way back to her dorm. There’s always time to look good.
    -I kept the ring on my pinky because it looked conspicuous as a nose piercing.
    -We didn’t make it to Evita… but banish any unvirtuous assumptions you voyeurs. Why? Because a good friend of my parents unexpectedly called that evening just to check up on us! The Lord works in mysterious ways.
    -And this story would be incomplete without mentioning that Jenny looked absolutely beautiful in the moonlight. In her neatly ironed dress.

  3. Who called?? And, as I recall, you were sick with a bad sore throat that night??? I think? And, thank you for filling in the gaps. I thought it best to make it as short as possible. I could go on and on. Remember the road? : ) And, thank you for saying I was beautiful. I love you!!

  4. I think it shows how much Michael loves you because instead of chucking the ring and you and crushing any romantic dreams of how he would propose, he waited and kept his temper so that he could give you the romantic proposal you always dreamed of. Nice job, Michael.
    And thanks for filling in the gaps for Jenny. Such a nice guy you picked, Jenny.

  5. Yay! SO much fun to hear more of the story. And a gold star for the excellent bits of random proposal-night trivia, Mike! Well done!

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