It’s about that time….

I am thinking of discontinuing my blog.  I just can't think of creative fun things to write about, and I am not sure who reads it- really other then my sisters, and friends, who know my life story anyway- so I am considering getting rid of this.


8 thoughts on “It’s about that time….

  1. I check in several times a week! But I understand what you mean about finding things to talk about because I have more and more trouble remembering to write on my own blog. I would rather read everyone else’s! šŸ™‚

  2. tell me about it!
    When did it get so difficult?
    I so have to call you – I was going thru the pics from our visit and it made me want to jump on the next plane out there šŸ˜¦

  3. you need to do what is best for you.i would encourage you to feel like you are doing it for you–for your family. marking moments of your life…and then print it all! like a diary. not to feel a pressure. but it is a great way to look back over life with young kids. just some of my thoughts…love you girl!

  4. I talk to you way too much so everything you write I have probably already heard about. BUT….I never get to see you so I love getting to see pictures. If you do decide to stop blogging it would be great if you put pictures on flickr or facebook. Something somewhere where I can get my picture fix.

  5. Why not just keep it and blog only when you want to? That way it’s around but you don’t feel whatever pressure? I mean, who says a person has to blog every day? Or even every week? You know?

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