A few new photos….for your viewing enjoyment

IMG_6906  Sarah and Kate as cheerleaders!

IMG_6896 Jack is a charger- with Charlie in the back.

IMG_6900 Sammy as Jango Fett- with Abigail and Emma.

We had a blast on Halloween!  We had about 25 kids (with parents, grandparents and an Uncle-)hanging out at our home.  It was awesome.

On to….

IMG_7069 Air Supply.  Yes.  We went to an Air Supply concert.  See the pretty girl with the big ol flower in her high hair?  Leslie.  We all went to celebrate her birthday- dressed head to toe 80's.  OH MY GOSH.  We had a blast.  And, might I add, we looked pretty dang hot. 

IMG_7046 This was when Rodney walked in doin a little dance.

80s awww, schmoops.

IMG_7077 hmmmm.  Copley. Still the softest ears around.

IMG_7128a The first of many VonTrapp photos.

Carlyjenwordtofather Word to the Father.


5 thoughts on “A few new photos….for your viewing enjoyment

  1. YESSSS!!!! Word to tha fatha and the son and the holy spirit AMEN yeah-yuh. We got some ghetto nuns up in this show.
    You looked really cute on 80’s night!!

  2. What a cute cheerleader! Emma wore the same costume last year. I love the Air Supply photos. They were my first concert ever. I don’t think I wore such a cute get-up like you had on. Fun!

  3. OMG!!! Give Michael some shades, wait for the 5 o’clock shadow he is “totally” George Michael…. WHAM!!!!!! LMAO!!! Cute outfits! Word to the nun!

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