I need your help!!

Our home (the original part) is a 1920's bungalow.  We have a front room that has been empty since we moved in. Well, save a table.  It is a relatively small room, but it is right as you open the door. 

We have NO clue how to furnish it.  Well, ok we have a little clue, but want to know, how would you use this space?  How would you furnish it?  What would you decorate with??  Ideas.  I need Ideas, people!!

IMG_0600 Welcome!  Come help me decide what to do with our front room.

IMG_0601 This is the view when you first walk in.

IMG_0602 Looking to the right- our fireplace.  Doesn't work.  But, it is one of my very favorite aspects of our home.

IMG_0603  This is with my back to the fireplace.  This table was made by my brother in law.  Amazing.  But too big for our home.  It is going- if anyone wants it, let me know!  And Copley's crate.  fun.

IMG_0604  view from our dining room- well, turned study.

IMG_0605 View through to the kitchen.

Ok. Go to it.  See ya later decorator.


10 thoughts on “I need your help!!

  1. ok..here are my thoughts. a two seater love couch by the back wall (with the doorway to the hallway), a chair with ottoman angled toward the fire place on the adjacent wall (with the doorway to the dining room). Two cube like ottomans a couple feet parallel to the wall with the window at the front of the house next to the fireplace. A nice area rug that spans the majority of the room pulling the entire room together. Maybe a coffee table infront of the love couch if there’s clearance for the front door when it’s open. If you are going all out, I suggest continuing the hardwood/laminate flooring you have into this room. If you want the fireplace to stick out, you can paint it a different color from the rest of the room. Nothing drastic, just something to make it pop. OH and a little table that sits right next to the front door when you walk in would be cute too. So, can you live with my design? he he he

  2. I see a relaxing sitting area with a chair and small table with overhead lamp where the table currently is (which I love, by the way-I may take that off your hands!) And then chairs on either side of the fireplace and a round coffee table connecting them.

  3. oh i love designing room layouts 🙂 sometimes, my friend and i draw out housing layouts for fun…anyways in regarding your lovely room:
    I think you could put a two-seater loveseat on the wall to right when you walk through the front door (under the window), then maybe a cozy, yet cute chair in the corner to the left of the fireplace (with a standing lamp, good reading spot :)), and an ottoman or coffee table in the middle, in front of the fireplace. Then if you wanted to make the left side of the room (from the front door) a study corner for the kiddos that might be cute. Maybe put a desk where the dining table is now and put a bookcase on the wall facing the front door. And that cute table you have next to the fireplace could go on the wall directly to the left of the front door with a cute chair next to it (not to big, but cute nonetheless). oh and i like the big area rug idea krisitne had to tie both halves of the room together. add some cute pictures on the wall and you’re golden. just my thoughts :). (by the way i don’t think there ever has been a blog comment that has had more parentheses than this one).

  4. My ideas are probably too quirky for you but whatever you do, make a built-in bench with storage under the seat (or shoe cubbies) and hooks above that for coats. at the wall to the right of the door when you’re facing it from the inside. I always wanted to build one in my house and never had the space.
    Lindsay, aside from parentheses, there are also lots of cutes. 😉

  5. My idea for you is a music room. We have a kind of awkward living room in the front of our house. It has very little wall space since it has a fireplace, and opens up to the front door and the staircase. So, we made it the ‘music room.’ There are no electronic devices in here. Just a couple chairs, coffee table, a kids table (where they can draw, play with playdoh, even do homework), a piano, a magazine rack with piano and music books, Ruby’s baritone horn, and one of Jack’s guitars displayed on a stand. Ruby loves to come in this room to read in one of the big chairs. And if someone wants to practice music, they don’t bug everyone else. We use the big coffee table for makin’ puzzles!

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